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The Canadian Government Office of Tourism is concerned that the average U.S. resident perceives Canada only as rustic and rural whereas the majority of Canadians live in metropolitan centers with cultural amenities and visitor attractions that equal or excel those in U.S. urban centers. Actually only a little more than 4 percent of the whole country is under cultivation and it is estimated that only 7 percent ever can be.

Rural living, mountain climbing, flyn’fishing are in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and few places can equal the tractless distances found in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The great concentration of people, however, is within a hundred-mile range of the U.S. border. The cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are world-class metropolises. Rough it if you like or enjoy urban luxury. Take a farm vacation or shop for haute couture in underground Montreal, the city under a city, with literally miles of suburban shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs. There are more than a thousand such stores, as well as art galleries and movie theaters, linked by climate-controlled passageways and the Metro, Montreal’s subway system.

From History of Canada: A converted family room, the 1,600-square Canada Metro Map -foot tasting room features a brick fireplace and a side door of stained glass and Brazilian mahogany Canada Metro Map . Placed atop a half-dozen wine barrels, a slab of Red Dragon granite serves as the tasting bar. Original oil paintings depicting Daniel Stanger’s Alsatian homeland decorate the cream-colored walls. Visitors can also sample wine on the west side of Paso Robles, in a tasting room the Janakuses share with Poalillo Vineyards. Located on Vineyard Drive, it is built of reclaimed barn wood and corrugated steel. An umbrella-shaded terrace provides outdoor seating with views of the oak woodland.

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