Fabric of Paris

Do you like to sew? Do you like to look at and feel beautiful fabrics? If so, when you are done visiting Sacre Coeur, go to the bottom... Read more

Cell phones Paris

U.S. based carriers offer different plans for phone calls, access to email and the internet. Check carefully before leaving to avoid unpleasant surprises when using your cell phone... Read more

Common Sense Paris

An American friend who has lived in Paris for over 40 years, and who has seen her share of visitors come and go suggests these simple precautions: Do... Read more

Cafe Gourmand Paris

Over the past few years many brasseries, cafes and restaurants have added cafe gourmand to their dessert menu. If a gourmet is someone who appreciates fine food, a... Read more

Hammam de Paris

Years ago my friend Elaine introduced me to the hammam, located in the Mosquee de Paris. The hammam or Turkish bath, is a series of steam heated rooms,... Read more

Paris Map Tourist Attractions

France WESTERN EUROPE VOLUNTEERING Opportunities for volunteer work are more abundant in Eastern Europe than in other areas of the continent. Habitat for Humanity and Peace Corps placements,... Read more

France Map

Many hotels offer “pension” and “demi-pension” rates. “Pension” is equivalent to American Plan with three meals included in the rate. “Demi-pension” is similar to the Modified American Plan,... Read more


La Belle France. For many France is food, France is wine, France is an assorted bouquet of palaces and places. After England, France is second in popularity for... Read more