Umea Sweden Map

Province: Vasterbottens Ian. Region: Vasterbotten. Altitude: 20 m (66 ft). Population: 50,000. Postal code: S-90 … Telephone code: 0 90. Tn Umea Turistbyra, RSdhustorget, S-90247 UmeS: tel. 12... Read more

Honefoss Norway Map

County: Buskerud fylke. Altitude: 97 m (318ft). Population: 12,000. Postal code: N-3500. Telephone code: 0 67. T Turistkontoret for Ringerike, A Rutebilstasjon (Bus Station); tel. 2 15 77.... Read more

Denmark Map

Valdemar conquers the German-Swedish Baltic territories and in 1214 compels the Emperor Frederick 11 to give them up; but is forced to abandon them after a defeat at... Read more

Lulea Sweden Map

Province: Norrbottens Ian. Region: Norrbotten. Altitude: sea level. Population: 68,000. Postal code: S-95 Telephonecode: 09 20. Turistbyra, Storgatan 35, S-95131 Lule£; tel. 9 30 00. HOTELS. SAS Globetrotter,... Read more

Sweden Vacations

Proto-Bronze Age: rectilinear designs following the Neolithic traditions of the Nordic culture. Early Bronze Age: transition to geometric spiral ornament. Middle Bronze Age: the spiral ornament gives place... Read more

Travel to Stockholm

Trolleholm Castle Danish architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque periods came under Dutch and German influence: Kronborg Castle, Helsingor (1574-84): Frederiksborg. Castle on Zealand (1602-22, by H. von... Read more


Although the Finns are not of Germanic origin but moved into Finland from the Baltic area in the early years of the Christian era, driving back the Lapps,... Read more

Jonkoping Sweden Map

Province: Jonkoping Ian. Region: SmSland. Altitude: 91 m (300 ft). Population: 110,000. HOTELS. Ramada, Huskvarna, Strandvei 1, 226 Stora Hotel let, 200 Sunds Herrgardpensjonat, Lekeryd, 100 Portalen, Vastra... Read more

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In ICELAND there was a great flowering of this northern Germanic art. Notable examples are found on the carved doorways ofthe stave churches, like the one from Valthjofstad... Read more