Umea Sweden Map

Province: Vasterbottens Ian. Region: Vasterbotten. Altitude: 20 m (66 ft). Population: 50,000. Postal code: S-90 … Telephone code: 0 90. Tn Umea Turistbyra, RSdhustorget, S-90247 UmeS: tel. 12... Read more

Lulea Sweden Map

Province: Norrbottens Ian. Region: Norrbotten. Altitude: sea level. Population: 68,000. Postal code: S-95 Telephonecode: 09 20. Turistbyra, Storgatan 35, S-95131 Lule ; tel. 9 30 00. HOTELS. SAS... Read more

Sweden Vacations

Proto-Bronze Age: rectilinear designs following the Neolithic traditions of the Nordic culture. Early Bronze Age: transition to geometric spiral ornament. Middle Bronze Age: the spiral ornament gives place... Read more

Travel to Stockholm

Trolleholm Castle Danish architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque periods came under Dutch and German influence: Kronborg Castle, Helsingor (1574-84): Frederiksborg. Castle on Zealand (1602-22, by H. von... Read more