SWEDEN is one of the most prosperous nations in the world, and in social terms is perhaps the most progressive. This is the result of a long period... Read more

Narvik Norway Map

County: Nordland fylke. Altitude: sea level. Population: 1 5,000. Postal code: N 8500. Telephone code: 0 82. HOTELS. Grand Hotel Royal, 230 Victoria Royal, 78 Malm Pensjon, 50... Read more

Trondheim Norway Map

County: Sor-Trondelag fylke. Altitude: sea level. Population: 135,000. Postal code: N-7000. Telephone code: 0 75. Reisetrafikkforeningen for Trondheim og Sor-Trondelag, Hornemannsg§rden; tel. 2 72 01 and 2 58... Read more


The economy of FINLAND depends on its extraordinary wealth of forests. Fully 70% of its area is covered by coniferous forest, which provides the raw material for a... Read more


In NORWAY neither geology nor climate are favourable to agriculture, and onlyjust over 3% of the country’s area is suitable for cultivation. In southern Norway corn and potatoes... Read more

Traveling in Sweden

South German type, became the main type of animal ornament on the European continent. In Animal Style III, which developed in Scandinavia about 700, highly abstract animal figures... Read more