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U.S. based carriers offer different plans for phone calls, access to email and the internet. Check carefully before leaving to avoid unpleasant surprises when using your cell phone or smart phone abroad. A simple pay-as-you go option for phone calls: For less than $30, you can buy a cheap cell phone that works perfectly for making and receiving calls. The three major carriers – Orange, SFR and Bouygues – all have storefront boutiques where you can buy these cell phones. Calls in France will cost about 22 Euro cents per minute, and calls to the US 50 Euro cents per minute.

You should also know that in Europe you do not pay to receive phone calls or text messages. You can recharge the phone as need be.

WARNING: do not use your iPhone on the street. If you want to take photos, use extreme care and ideally, do so when you are with other people who can keep an eye out for the organized gangs of children who are trained to separate you from that particular possession. Paris is a fairly safe city, but be aware that 12,000 iPhones are stolen Each Month.

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