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-Hare we met a man whose sincere smile persuaded us China best places to stop and make friends. A Tajik tribesman, but he could speak four languages: China best places Pakistani, Tajik, Khirgiz and Uighur, and we communicated in signals and common nouns. Peter had a repertoire of grunts which he used instead of words, making sentences from lines of grunts illustrated by pantomime. When I asked the man how many different animals he owned, Peter supplied the animal noises, enabling me to discover that our new friend was the wealthy owner of four camels, two horses and thirty sheep. He called his sheep to him before dark, and they came running from the plain, and flocked around his small stone house, clearly waiting to be let inside. He explained that he usually feeds his sheep in the evening and they do sleep in the house.
“What in the world are you doing?”

“Fixing this friggin’ camera!” When the shaking failed, I put the whole mess of useless equipment in my gear bag and pulled out my trusty digital audio recorder.

“Is your equipment working OK?”

Bev looked down at her camera, clicked off a few shots, looked at me and smiled. Good gravy.

I turned on the audio recorder. The battery was almost dead.

Bev laughed, “Geesh, you sure didn’t come very prepared.”

“I charged everything this morning and replaced batteries! I’m getting crazy internal errors and equipment malfunctions. It all worked fine this morning. There’s some bad juju here.”

“Mm-hmm. The only bad ju-ju is you.”

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