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The rest were Turki or Uighur. The men wore skull China golf tourism -caps embroidered with silk or gold thread. Some of the women wore head-shawls China golf tourism with skull-caps on top. Each main oasis in this area has its own distinctive embroidered hat pattern and you can tell a person’s home town by his skull-cap. A violent argument broke out between two men, one seemed to be trying to force the other to get off the bus. They shouted angrily in fast tongue-clicking speech, and people from all over the bus joined in yelling insults, while the conductor called for silence.

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The Skovdal was a 607-ton wooden-hulled steam cargo vessel, completed by R. O. Hsrem, Stavanger and launched in 1891 for E. Berentsen, Stavanger as the Sj0gutten. She measured 50.3-m in length, with a 7.69-m beam and 4.92-m draught. The single screw was powered by a 52-nhp, three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used one boiler. The cylinders measured 30.

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