Now, you might be wondering Abby why are, you wearing that magnificent a really cowboy hat Wow in case, you haven’t noticed we have moved away from the beautiful sandy beaches of the whitsundays to go more inland, you don’t see another part of Australia yes.

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So we’re here at a kal ranch for a farm stay today, this is kind of like especially Kentucky thing that they do. And basically we are in the middle of nowhere, you look by me. And we are staying in a airport hangar yes those are our rooms, it’s actually really really cool we have 1200 females just like those.

And now is carving time. So we’re in the middle of branding. And we go through some of their weaknesses out there.

So we have 1200 females we look to get 80% carving 15% ah take your time dingoes in Wichita legal. So they prey on them even though we pay more for it in the shops we’re not actually receiving anymore. And we also know that if it can’t have running costs of 904 we triple Fox profit margin is really small.

And that’s why we’re diversified into two diversified into tourism about 30 oh you’re very scared of the Frog look. I got like the postcard frogs that, you see yeah. And that was looks like what happens is on here the change direction passes Peterson it makes a super sonic boom is for the kids near the breakfast area with the big layer bang.

So why did, you pick the whip to north your holder with me handle this, you stand ups right just bring it under arm up. And down on that okay, it’s really simple. ?

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