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The men’s beards were thicker than Chinese beards grow, and China radar map their hair was not quite so black. Their faces were aquiline, some weatherbeaten by desert China radar map life, and some with whiter skin than mine, with features that varied widely. Being Central Asians they belong to various nomadic races, such as Uighur, Mongol, Kazakh and Khirgiz, and there are also settled emigres, including White Russians. When we say Chinese, we usually think of all those who live in China as one race, the race being the Han majority from eastern and northern Chinese stock, their name taken from the powerful dynasty that ruled China for four centuries from 200 BC. But from a Chinese perspective one has to take into account the fifty-four other ethnic groups who are culturally different from the Han, but whose land has been annexed by China. They may comprise less than a tenth of China’s total population, yet they occupy about sixty per cent of the territory.

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