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Fly If you’re dreading a long flight in economy but can’t (or won’t) pay for business class, Cathay Pacific’s premium economy offers many of the comforts of business class, affordably. Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific’s hub city and there are flights in and out of most major Australian cities.

THE BEACH You may not immediately think beach’ in Hong Kong, but Repulse Bay is a gorgeous white-sander with calm, clear waters. While there, visit the Kwun Yam Taoist shrine, full of colourful deities. On the way back, check out the Stanley Market for brand-name clothing, jewellery and souvenirs.

OCEAN PARK Head to the Ocean Park marine life theme park on the southern side of Hong Kong Island for roller-coasters and to see Asian animals like king penguins, spotted seals, snowy owls and walruses at Polar Adventure.

DISNEYLAND Take the kids (or use them as an excuse) to visit Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Toy Story Land at Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island. hongkongdisney

The Governor came to hear of it. And so an China Subway Map information was preferred against the poor man for saying he believed the Governor was mad. It was China Subway Map laid down in the information to be false, scandalous, and wicked, and written with intent to move sedition among the people, and to bring His Excellency into contempt. But by an order from the late Queen Anne there was a stop put to that prosecution, with sundry others set on foot by the same Governor against gentlemen of the greatest worth and honor in that government. And may not I be allowed, after all this, to say that by a little countenance almost anything that a man writes may, with the help of that useful term of art called an innuendo, be construed to be a libel, according to Mr. Attorney’s definition of it to wit, that whether the words are spoken of a person of a public character or of a private man, whether dead or living, good or bad, true or false, all make a libel.

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