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For warming exercise I rambled around the lakeshore for several hours China tourist map and in the evening I felt ready enough to trade my precious solitude for a night in China tourist map the tourist lodge. In the event I was their only guest. They installed me in a wooden bungalow which had a wood stove in the bedroom. It was marvellous to dry out my soaked clothes and even though there was no running water or hot bath, I managed a tepid strip-wash. Next morning I walked to the northern end-ofthe lake, looking for its river outlet. As I passed near a circular yurt a large dog came bounding over snarling.
Our time in the balcony also had its surprises.

Headphones in place, Kat and I were listening to audio in our respective offices when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see her pointing to her office and followed as she disappeared around the corner.

She sat quietly sitting at the computer holding out headphones as I entered. “We got a response,” was all she said.

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