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0.0 The trail heads south from the parking area, passes under a powerline, crosses a small bridge, and skirts a wet meadow.

0.1 Intersection with the portage trail to Flash Lake to the left.

Turn right on the trail to Secret and Ennis lakes. The trail is rocky and crisscrossed with roots.

0.3 Trail intersection with the north end of the Blackstone Lake

Loop to the left; bear right. In about 200 feet pass a short spur trail on the left to Blackstone Lake.

0.4 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite on Blackstone Lake in about 365 feet.

0.5 Trail intersection with the south end of the Blackstone Lake

Loop. Bear right on the trail to Ennis Lake.

0.9 Overlook from a short cliff of a lake south of the trail. Look for a beaver lodge in the northeast corner of the lake.

1.3 The trail descends steeply into a narrow valley with maples growing on its floor, and then steeply ascends the other side.

1.4 Cliffs at the northwest end of Ennis Lake; an excellent place for lunch (47° 58′ 35.0″ N 91° 29′ 51.2″ W). From here retrace your steps to the south end of the Blackstone Lake Loop.

2.3 Intersection at the south end of the Blackstone Lake Loop; turn right.

2.4 The trail passes along a narrow jack pine-covered ridge separating Secret Lake on the right and Blackstone Lake.

2.7 Trail turns north around the east end of Blackstone Lake.

2.9 Intersection with an unmapped portage trail between

Blackstone and Flash lakes. To the left the portage trail leads to Blackstone Lake in 85 feet. Continue straight ahead. In 100 feet, the main trail turns left off the portage just before reaching Flash Lake. Pass through a stand of mixed pines at the north end of Blackstone Lake.

3.4 The trail reaches a small beaver dam at the northwest end of Blackstone Lake. Make your way around the dam until you pick up the main trail once again. In about 200 feet, come to the trail intersection completing the loop around Blackstone Lake and the circuit portion of this hike. Turn right.

3.6 Trail intersection with the Flash Lake portage; turn left.

3.7 Trailhead.

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