I went onto my social media and. I asked, you guys. And gals to give me your top questions in regards to travel beauty hair skin care.

And makeup that, you want me to answer. So, this is gonna be another Q&A post, but, it’s gonna be geared toward those topics, but hopefully, you will get a little bit of an insight into my beauty secrets my travel beauty secrets yeah juice guy asks how often do, you usually wash your hair while being on the road uh. I typically end up washing my hair everyday, it’s not a great habit to be in, but when, you are on the road and, you are out.

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And about the elements do crazy stuff to your hair. And usually by the end of the day, it’s it’s been like windblown stringy it smells like wherever. I’ve been to my hair picks up a lot of smells.

I don’t know if your guys here fix a lot smells like that, but mine does so. I typically end up washing it pretty much everyday unless. I’m like taking a flight or there’s like a reason why.

I can’t wash it like if. I’m hiking or doing any kind of like crazy backpacking trip alright don’t have access to a shower tl love asks how do. I manage maintain my hair when.

I travel to countries with extremely low temperatures. I’ve literally just braid it. And wear a toque when, it’s really really cold out one.

I probably want a toque because my head’s gonna be really really cold if. I’m wearing a lot of likes cars. And big puffy jackets my hair gets really natty in the back.

So it gets all tangled up so. I really want to just kind of keep it away from the back of my head. So it doesn’t get into a bunch of tangles.

And knots. So braids braids. And pigtails are like the best thing for winter travel.

And hair styles thereafter ish asks how do. I stay eco-friendly with beauty products to. So many travel bloggers use disposable wipes etc.

And what do. I do to reduce my impact. I don’t use the makeup wipes the there’s aside from one specific instance where.

I eats makeup wipes but I don’t use like disposable stuff. I try to always use my own products.

I bring less products when I’m traveling like if you look at my vlogs when I’m traveling or actually we’re a lot less makeup than.

I do when I’m doing a sit-down filming post because. I don’t like to bring a lot of stuff, but the only time that.

I actually use makeup wipes is when I’m camping or like hiking and. I also use body wipes for that too because it can get really really cold at night and.

I hate splashing. And also like some of the places don’t have hot water. So, it’s like splashing ice-cold water onto your face when, it’s freezing outside is not a desirable thing for me to do Steph B travel asks do, you steal the hotel shampoo.

And conditioner. I do, but it depends so. I used to steal it all the time because like why not, it’s less product to pack.

And bring, but now. I kind of steal it at the end of my trip. I generally pack shampoo.

And conditioner that. I like since, it’s like kind of a mixed bag with Hotel shampoo zhing edition is, you never really know what, you can get casually Cicely asks how do. I keep my skin from getting oily.

I used to have really oily skin when I first start traveling it when I was younger.

And now. I have a little bit more normal to dry skin think that’s kind of half of, it’s just an age thing, but one of my first trips that. I ever took this off East Asia my skin broke out.

So that. I had sits. I had the ugly sit in.

So many places, you could see them in my past posts. And it was a nightmare and. I absolutely hated my skin.

And so. I learned a couple different things about hot weather. And humidity.

And my skin first off pay attention to the type of makeup that, you are using so. I used to wear a lot more full coverage and. I switched to a lighter coverage makeup.

And that’s what. I use now when I go travel especially in hotter countries the less foundation, you have on your skin the less of its gonna get into your pores.

And cause those breakouts another tip is. I carry blotting pads with me. So blotting pads or just a powdered a pressed powder compact.

I always carry that with me whenever. I’m traveling even now just to kind of blot my t-zone getting rid of that shine another thing is really reading my skincare routine trying to make sure that. I’m really really cleaning my skin at the end of the day because your skin in those countries like when you’re traveling goes through a lot of different elements it goes there’s a lot of dirt even just in the air that it gets exposed to.

So really making sure. I’m cleaning my skin thoroughly at the end of the day with us with like a gentler cleanser helped as well as omega-3s that is my like holy grail of curing acne is omega threes Daniela Diller asks can, you take a hair straightener on your carry-on yes, you can. I have taken care strainers on carry-ons and.

I’ve taken them a check luggage. I’ve never had an issue with it. So weeks hunter asks, you fine even if you wash your hair before, you get on a plane that your hair is still.

So dirty by the time, you get to your destination how do, you avoid that. I just accept that my hair is gonna feel pretty gross when I arrive at a destination that is what that is my way of dealing with it is just accepting that.

I’m going to want to shower another tip is to try. And keep it out of my face. So I’ll typically do like a hairstyle that pins it back because your face especially people like a 24 hour travel day or something crazy like that.

I might not get it necessarily a chance to wash it properly or make it a little bit chaotic. And make it drink it there’s many things that can happen it could get oily just from trends that. I find that that’s what my face gets like the most oily is in transit.

So a Samantha verga asks do, you use full-sized heating appliances. So straighten or curling iron or travel sized ones. And derivative tips to keeping my hair looking decent.

And well polished. I do bring a travel sized hair dryer. So, this is the one that.

I use it is the baby list Pro. And it does 120 to 250 volts. So it has dual voltage.

So, you can change it. So it doesn’t overheat. And blow a fuse when you’re traveling in other countries now when it comes to styling products.

I bring a full-size curling wand now. I didn’t always bring a full sized curling wand. I used to bring well.

I spray a full sized straightener but I used to bring a travel-size straightener and. I would do like little waves in my hair we’re straining it with this, but over the years.

I’ve learned that it really appreciates having a full-sized hair styling product because I’ll be on the road for like a month at a time. And. I’m like.

I just really want some nice styled hair. So, this is a luxury item that. I bring in my bag or even in my backpack.

I will make room for it. And sacrifice other items so. I can have that because.

I like what my hair looks nice just it is those small luxuries that that are important to me because. I’ve been traveling for. So many years this one is the new me, it’s a new me wand.

I think, it’s a 1 inch barrel curler, but if you guys are interested in a hair tutorial or a travel hairstyles tutorial let me know cuz. I can. I could be a post.

I can do for, you guys Brittany Jessica asks do. I have an in-flight skincare routine. So do.

I children might see it with the face masks or apply things in the bathroom the biggest thing. I bring it just moisturizer so. I have ahem moisturizer or not face moisturizer, but.

I’m really lazy when it comes to like skincare routines on a plane. I take. So many planes.

And honestly the biggest thing that. I do is. I just don’t wear any makeup aside from a little bit of mascara.

And I’ll just kind of fill in my eyebrows a bit but I won’t wear any skin. And makeup on my long haul flights that’s the biggest tip that.

I could give, you if you want to keep your skin nice. And fresh as much as, you can without, but like minimal effort is just don’t wear makeup. And just keep your skin very fresh.

So these are my three products that. I use for my face now. I actually put these into travel sized containers these are the larger containers because.

I won’t ever need this much product when I’m traveling but I use a perfect world antioxidant cleanser with my team, this is by orange ins they also have a more acne specific one which is amazing that.

I use for many years that one is a tea tree. I think is like a tea tree clip cleanser, it’s a really good one um then. I use a tea tree water toner by lush this is.

So awesome featuring products tend to work really well clearing up acne on my face. So that’s another acne tip so. I use this.

I just sprayed on as a toner oh, this is celestial it is a facial moisturizer it is a more moisturizing facial moisturizer. And the reason is because, this is good for pretty much all climates. I used to use a lighter moisturizer and.

I found that in the winter time. I really needed a lot of moisture being out in the elements and. So this one’s really, it’s a thicker one also in the summertime when, you are exposed to a lot of Sun.

I have your moisturizer is also very very important miss Sabrina Spence asked what bug spray or SPF do, you recommend for tropical climates. I don’t have any particular bug spray, but, this is the brand that. I use for sunscreen and.

I love it it is Kula, it’s actually a 75% certified organic ingredients it is a spray sunscreen. I find that, it’s really sheer it goes on nice and. I don’t like lotions.

I’ve learned over the years that don’t like lotions so. I always just bring enough sunscreen that. I need for my trip because.

I don’t like buying sunscreen when I’m abroad even though, you can find some kind of screen everywhere in the world. I just like to have specific ones they also have a tinted sunscreen there’s another question about what tinted sunscreens they they come with that but.

I don’t really like the tints as much not a huge fan of it, but they also have a mineral primer sunscreen which. I use a lot in the summertime underneath my foundation as a sunscreen. I always put sunscreen on my face when.

I’m traveling. I’m a maximum asks how do, you keep the sweat away in hot climates. I mean, this is my hair styling go-to is.

I always have a hair tie on me because climate change really quick. And so. I can always put my hair up or tight like put it in a bun or tied in a ponytail when it gets hot, but, you just accept the sweat when it comes to your body try.

And plan your clothes. So that they don’t show sweat as much because. I know that in certain climates.

I’m just gonna sweat and. I have to accept that. I’m going to be a sweaty human being.

And that’s just part of traveling. So there, you have it those were all my secret Beauty travel tips. I hope, you guys have learned a lot.

I answer a lot of questions. I’m thank, you again for reading this post if you enjoyed it please give the thumbs up don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog go follow me on Instagram and. I will see, you guys.

And gals like. I don’t know a few days time with another post okay bye. ?

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