Hey everybody I was just letting the chickens out, and I realized there’s another baby in the household their little baby chickens oh look at that big rooster oh. So cute all right this morning when you’re going into the city to grab our rental car, and then we off to Table Mountain. But it is looking a little bit cloudy today. So wife their fingers crossed, and see if we go up. Because if it’s too windy the cable car closes, and if there’s a big bit of cloud on that there’s no point going up. Because there’ll be no view.


So we’ll see what if psych wants we’re getting to the city we also were trying to buy some tickets to Star Wars cuz they’re not today, and we were wanting to see it, and I think we’re gonna go ask breakfast as well Hey guys we are on the hunt for Star Wars tickets no we try to buy them online no luck. So a coming in person we need to see it today, I’m saying up Twitter’s away I don’t want any spoilers sorry true we need to see you today yes yes we got them sorry your lineup hello usually have a clock it’s not again you’re getting that car whoo freedom we can go wherever we want scratch yeah oh all right you guys we got a new car, and it is a bit of a weird one they said it works yeah well they were like here’s your brand-new come we’re like really no I don’t think. So oh it’s legal doing GPS Tommy – Taylor no we’re gonna go find some breakfast down on Long Street yeah, I’m sorry man that car is gonna fall apart by the Dozen we give it back nuta oh well at least you can get around now yeah not stuck in the house yeah let’s go get some food I really want yes, and then hopefully we can go on top of Table Mountain it’s clear enough yeah try to find a nice cafe we should as the moderator Jess that is the best burger those sorry lasagna yeah looks amazing yes I look at it like I love you it’s really good that is a really good made it to the top, and I think today’s better than we have the other day. So beautiful, I’m so glad it cleared up. So we could come up if you like you can come up more than once, and it doesn’t get old. So good. But we’re now gonna go walk around the whole top you ready yes starwars time lunch time it is nearly lunch very hungry guys all righty guys we’re now off to Canal Wharf which is the shopping center out the spawning where we got our Star Wars tickets we’ve spend the afternoon walking around the big shopping center, and then gonna go see Star Wars, and probably have dinner there that’s pretty much they sort it Star Wars Star Wars time, I’m excited we found this nice scenic drive right across Table Mountain, and it’s gonna take us right to the shopping center well those are some big balls really pretty the traffic jam snacks acquired everyone ready let’s do dare just get home guys we’re gonna discuss about it on the on the drive home with you.

But we all just wanted to have a big spoiler each app, and we don’t have that chat with you guys. But if you interested the movie is really good if you are Star Wars fan it like a swiss one reignites the series that gets you excited for more movies which is good the new characters are good the plot is good if you’ve never seen Star Wars before you should watch them they actually, I’m really good we’ve even Jess degrees. But yeah, I’m glad I got to see it with no spoilers or go out there, and watch it before someone spoils it like everyone spoils Game of Thrones. So just watch it see you will enjoy the more the movie more yeah. But um yeah we’re just gonna hit to bed now, and um. So you guys think I don’t tomorrow yeah.

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