Well hello 2018, this is my second post of the year and.

I am really excited to just sit down. And have a little talk with you. I said.

I wanted to do more of these in 2017 and. I put out a couple more sit down vlog style posts which, you guys really really been enjoying. I’ve been enjoying.

I’ve been listening to all of the feedback and. I’ve gotten. So many good ideas for 2018 and.

FEAR GOALS 2018 TRAVEL Photo Gallery

So many different ways that we’re gonna spice things up we’re gonna change things up. And, it’s it’s really really exciting. So thank, you for all of your lovely feedback on all of these vlogs.

I know they’re not the most exciting posts we just sitting down having a chat, but it is a way for me to connect with, you it is a way for me to provide, you with better content with more content than, you it will actually enjoy because. I think that’s really important as a creator to listen to feedback of people reading my stuff because it helps me improve let’s get on the updates first up if you haven’t seen the first post. I posted this year it is the where to travel in 2018 it is a huge collaboration that.

I did with a bunch of travel bloggers links it down below in the description, you can go give it a watch after this, but for this post. I kind of want to just give, you a little bit of a pep talk a little bit of a new year’s resolution planning pep talk because, this is kind of like a lame part of the year. I mean Christmas is over if you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s really cold.

And snowy outside there’s literally like two feet of snow outside this window now. I’ve never been one for making goals. And gold planning.

I feel like we do this in elementary school. And in high school. And a university a lot like the whole goal journal, but goals are really really important when, you want to achieve things when, you want to plan things.

And when it comes to travel. I know there are a lot of different factors which hold us back from wanting to travel. And like.

I said in my last post. And. I’m gonna say again in this post.

I really want, you guys. And gals to travel this year in 2018. I want H every one of, you to go somewhere regardless of your budget.

I know some people are might be in school or some of, you might not have the money this year might be a saving year that is okay one weekend that’s all. I’m asking for you. I know, you can do it just take the car or take a bus.

And go somewhere you’ve never been before for a weekend. And have a great travel experience go do something touristy go take some photos that is what. I want from each.

And every one of, you obviously if you’re planning a huge backpacking trip or something else that’s great as well and. I know that a lot of times there are two main factors that kind of hold, you back when, you are planning your trips or when, you are trying to travel. And that is generally money.

And fear obviously, you do need money to travel. I would love to tell, you that travel can be free and, you don’t need money to do it, but, you do need money to do it although, you don’t necessarily need as much as, you think, you do. And the other factor is fear.

And the fear of the unknown. And not knowing how to travel especially if you have never done a big trip before there are a lot of things that can go wrong there are a lot of new situations that, you are kind of putting yourself into. And it can be scary.

And, it’s daunting. And if, you, it’s it’s overwhelming to is if you’re planning on doing a solo trip or a trip by yourself it’s so overwhelming sometimes.

And we can kind of feel a bit paralyzed in fear. And then we never even attempt to try. And start planning our trip try it.

And start making that happen now. I’m talking about travel, but this can also apply to many other things in your life, but when it comes to travel. I really don’t want, you guys.

And girls to be paralyzed by fear paralyzed by the scary part of going out there. And traveling in the world because it is such an amazing rewarding experience again regardless of where, you go regardless of how long or what your budget is, you learn so much about yourself now how we can achieve that.

I’m glad, you asked thank you. I mean I have a whole list of resources that.

I have made over the last couple years if you are new to my blog, you might not know these posts exist but I have budget resources how to convince your friends to let, you travel. I have.

So little tip advice. I Riki travel advice. I can go on.

And on there is a lot of advice out there that. I put out there for, you guys. And nothing makes me more happier than seeing, you able to overcome that.

And take that trip for yourself. So in the description. I’m gonna leave links to a ton of my posts that can help, you plan.

And make 2018 your best travel year. I will be releasing a bunch more other tips. And advice posts throughout the year.

So if there’s any specific topics that, you are concerned about anything, you want me to go more in-depth in. And cover more detailed or cover in more detail. I should say please let me know in the comments, this is your chance because.

I am trying to put together a post schedule for the year and. I want to know what areas are missing what areas are, you still unsure of because again the whole picture can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. And if we take each part.

And we break it up into little parts. And we learn a little bit about that part. And a little about that part.

And we answer our questions here. And there. And there.

And there suddenly we know enough to reassure ourselves that we can do this that this isn’t an unachievable dream that it isn’t an irrational fear that is this post. I’m gonna end it here because. I don’t want to take too much of your time.

I love, you guys thank, you again for subscribing to my blog and. I cannot wait to produce more content for, you for 2018 and. I can’t wait to hear about your trips and, you have some already plans also let me know down below in the comments.

And last Instagram if you are not following me on Instagram please go follow me go follow Matt right here that’s our tags we’re gonna be posting. So many photos in 2018 and. I just want to take our photography game to the next level.

So there’s gonna be such awesome content there. And also, you kind of get like a sneak preview of places that we’re going to when, you fall on us an Instagram because generally we’re a little bit quicker on the photos than we are in the post, but it doesn’t mean I love, you guys less it just means, it’s grams a little bit quicker to do okay.

I’m really rambling this time seriously. I’m going sit, this is the end okay bye. ?

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