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1111 Central Ave., 704/342-5355,

HOURS: Vary COST: $15 walk-ins; $125/month for unlimited access Map 3

Yoga one specializes in hot yoga and has a full schedule of classes for students of all levels. Most of the classes are vinyasa yoga with a few deep stretch classes scattered throughout the weekly schedule. Teachers are certified, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions. Showers and dressing rooms in the studio add to the spa-like atmosphere. There is also a Reiki practitioner on-site and a small boutique stocked with yoga wear, mats, accessories, CDs, and DVDs.


Bank of America Stadium, 800 S. Mint St., 704/358-7000, www. panthers .com Map 1

In 1995, the Panthers took the field as the 29th expansion team to join the NFL. The bid to bring an NFL team to the Carolinas began in 1987 when former Baltimore Colts wide receiver Jerry Richardson began lobbying for a team in the region. In 1992 league owners announced five cities as possible sites for expansion teams, and the Carolinas made the cut. The final vote was slated for October, 1992, but labor disputes between the league and the players delayed the decision. On October 26, 1993, the league announced that the Carolinas had been unanimously chosen to receive the newest NFL franchisethe first new NFL team since 1976. In 1995, the team played its first season at Clemson University in South Carolina before moving to Bank of America Stadium in Uptown. In honor of the hometown team, the lights in the crown atop the Bank of America building glow blue after the Panthers win a home game. The Panthers have been to the NFC championship three times (1996, 2003, and 2005). They advanced to the Super Bowl in 2003 and lost to the New England Patriots (32-29) for the NFL championship. The Panthers’ most notable players include Mike Minter, who holds team records for the most game starts, consecutive starts, fumble recoveries, and interceptions resulting in touchdowns; Stephen Davis, the All-Pro running back who led the team to the Superbowl in 2003; and flamboyant All-Pro linebacker Kevin Greene, who helped the team make it to the NFC championship during their second year in the NFL.

1772 Mercy Otis Warren, the most prolific writer of pro-Country independence propaganda plays, publishes The Adulateur: A Tragedy as it is Now Acted in Upper Servia. Chula Vista Map Tourist Attractions It is the first of her three dramas that satirize colonists still loyal to the British Crown and portray British officials as greedy, dishonest hypocrites; The Defeat (1773) and The Group (1775) are the other two. Mrs. Warren is particularly fond of lampooning the governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson, who is not only perceived to be a treacherous British loyalist, but is also the man the patriots blame for the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. In both The Adulateur and The Defeat, Hutchinson is portrayed as a despicable traitor, who will do anything for money and power and who has no love or concern for the common people. By the time The Group is published, Hutchinson has been called back to England, so Warren is forced to find other targets for her vicious wit. As it happens, Hutchinson’s brother and father-in-law are still very much on the political scene, and she attacks them with as much vehemence as she did their unfortunate relative. Two weeks after The Group is published in Boston, the Revolutionary War begins. As S. E. Wilmer points out in Theatre, Society and the Nation: Staging Country Identities, it is a war the play both predicts and encourages.

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