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La Rosada

The historic La Rosada iron foundry is located at the entrance to the park just past the end of the paved road. The foundry was the first of its kind in Latin America, created during the rule of Carlos Antonio Lopez when Paraguay was a prosperous and progressive nation. Wood charcoal for the foundry came from the surrounding forest and power was also provided by damning up the Salto Mina. The foundry was destroyed by Brazilian troops during the Triple Alliance war but has been partly reconstructed. The grounds include a nicely curated museum with war artifacts and explanations in both Spanish and English (a rarity). Daily 8am-4pm Getting There

By car, take the turn off from Route 1 at Carapegua, following signs to Parque Nacional YbycuL You will pass through the pretty town of Ybycrn along the way. The pavement ends at the park entrance, thirty kilometers past Ybycui.

The green Salto Cristal bus travels between Asuncion’s bus terminal and Ybycui (Tel: 0534 226 376) several times a day. Bus fare is approximately Gs. 15,000. If you are coming from Encarnacion you will need to get off at Carapegua and catch the Salto Cristal bus as it takes the southeast turn off towards Ybycui (do not be tempted to catch buses headed to La Colmena and Acahay; they will not take you far enough). From Ybycui there are several buses that head towards the park but most stop about three kilometers away from the main entrance. The walk is nice and hitching a ride is relatively easy on weekends when the park gets lots of visitors. The El Rey David bus and buses headed to Mbokaruzu will sometimes pass by the park entrance but could change their routes depending on the weather – it is always a good idea to reconfirm with the driver. Unfortunately all buses exiting the park leave before 9am so using public transportation only works if you plan to stay the night in the park.

A simpler option is to hire a taxi from Ybycui. Rates for a one way trip are approximately Gs.60,000. Be sure to specify you want a return trip as well! When prearranging for a pickup it is always a good idea to get the taxi driver’s contact information just in case.

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