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Hey everybody how you guys doing today I woke up about 6 a.m. Because I think there’s a bit of a jet lag going on our brain thinks it’s about 11 o’clock in the morning, and I just took a moment to just watch the Sun Rise from this hammock, and it was absolutely beautiful, and it’s just moments we take like an hour to just stop, and let it all sink in, and made me realize holy crap we are in the Mel B’s at the moment and, I’m just sitting here on a hammock with our own little private bit of the beach, and I just really appreciate that we are here at the moment it’s just been one of those crazy weeks that you just didn’t think would ever happen. So just wanted to take this moment we’ve got a lot of stuff planned for today a lot of fun stuff. But just as sleeping in. So, I’m going to go wake her up, and we’re going to go have some breakfast did you enjoy your little sleep in I pretty much went from 11 hours last night and, I’m blaming it on the jetlag it’s like not even much jetlag it’s just that like five hours it really makes a difference, I’m a little five hours can really throw you off and, I’m feeling ready ready to hit the Malon, I’m ready to hit the mail guys. So this is where we turn right I think we still haven’t figured out how to get to food yet right way actually kind of digging that we don’t have buggies on this one it’s so peaceful just a cycle, and we just hear all the animals waking up the Sun is just in front of us is just after 9 o’clock you think breakfast is on for another hour Hey guys I don’t think I can ever get over eating breakfast on the beach oh it looks.

Coolest Bar in the World Soneva Fushi Maldives Photo Gallery

So good. So your meal of the day you got your shot, and it’s literally just the beach right there, and a nice little palm tree this is paradise also found out they do French press here just. Because I saw someone ordering one I was like yes are you going to get to all that yes please it’s probably not the French press coffee is the best topped coffee get that shot these guys and, I’m missing they’re having an ice-cream root, and in chocolate room, and the sanema hotel is a bit of their little pride, and joy. Because man’s chocolate look. So good for breakfast time either all righty guys I don’t think we can come to the mouth eyes without going for a snorkel. So, I’m going to go right down to the beach grab a boat, and go snorkeling guys we’ve had nothing. But amazing weather here at the mall that you it is so nice, and sunny there’s a few clouds. But I think they’re going to disappear I heard it just doesn’t rain much here in the male bees which is really good they’ll saying like last week it drizzled for like an hour here, and there oh wow you can do like water volleyball that could be fun this thing is a little Sharky’s. But wow I know that would be fun that’s like you to have it together a little couple I think you’re like baby’s looking for mum. So what do you sure if you guys know much about Maldives. But there’s a lot of these at holes which would almost be like a collection of all these different islands when the bow as well at all, and we just come up about 20 minutes away from our island to another Island to the Paranal is just an incredible reap you being briefed that they could be sea turtles which we’re really cool to see, and we’re going to be swimming on the edge of the reef. So there should be a bit of a dip down I just hope alright guys we are back from an amazing morning of snorkeling we actually went out there with a marine biologist which is really cool. Because whatever fish in coral we saw she was able to point it out, and tell us what we were seeing we also saw three Turtles I think we might have seen one green turtle which is critically endangered here in Maldives.

Because a lot of people used to eat all the eggs now illegal. But, I’m pretty sure it’s still happening we got to see one green turtle, and two loggerhead turtles which was awesome, and it was a look at the Hawksbill hawksbill turtles. But now we’re going out to lunch we’re going to be having a Sri Lankan lunch. So it’s like the theme of today, and we’re going to a place called the organic garden. So, I’m pretty sure that they grow their own vegetables here, and then they pluck things from the garden, and they’re going to be using that to cook our lunch which is also. So it’s quickly getting ready for that now, and then we up also thank you how’d you do the vegetable garden also the vegetable garden for the vegetable garden we’re a little sauce yeah which is nice guys this has been just the drink of this day it’s weird. Because I really usually don’t like coconut water.

But for some reason I don’t know if there’s like different types of coconuts the bees these ones are good that’s been really young yeah my parents would be loving them these are so different to what I taste before like these are like creamier it’s pretty cool to be eating your salads data, and then just seen exactly right in front of you where they grew up see he’s making up the next salad just went in grabbed some these are all traditional Sri Lankan dishes sorry many to choose from keeps going back back back back back yes I think that’s the way to do it guys it back it up you lot, and Steve will adjust in the pool, and I realized when we went snorkeling today Steven had both soon put sunscreen on. Because we’re really stupid, and look how red it is, and then it’s exactly the same show me show them mine cuz I’ve got like the white line Oh that’s or badly alvera. But, I’m an idiot, and you aren’t here yet Expedia, I’ll terrific we showed you guys our minibar. But inside me bar is the coolest coffee machine ever on top of that by the way what’s in this left door oh yeah we have our wine cellar, and then we have a fridge full of fun stuff as well no it’s like this thing like what is our shoes, and nuts, and everything come on my girl right goose anyway we’re just kinda adults, and work out how to use the coffee machine oh it actually told you does it hurry on expose able to serve us up a little tea, and a spot of coffee and, I’m guessing you up some milk Stevens yes we not another cop energy we have noticing from our room this far on the water through decided if, I’m a check it out for dinner, and it looks pretty pretty epic guys over there is our little beach come on get on ones about sushi oh, I’ll be just on guys this has got to be where they post the corona advert. Because this is a literary where you want to be well there’s like little trampolines you can go sit on this is such a cool bar just even real we found out you you can sit in the trampoline you go through on this one here, and then we can like share the bench drink it’s so cool currently enjoying some drinks, and some kind of kind of phase before it’s due I feel extra fancy right now yeah that sunset is going to be epic all these enemy mm-hmm all righty guys says the process is a bit of a sinner we’re not going to the buffet tonight we’re actually going to a Japanese restaurant. Because we can officially announce to you guys the Japan is going to be one of our honeymoon destinations, and yes before you jump out of there you already planning to go to Japan we’ve decided to move it through the honeymoon. Because it was meant to be between now, and the wedding, and we just thought no we need a month a full months before the wedding we can’t just go on another trip.

So once we get home from the Southeast Asia trip that’s it no more trips until the actual wedding trip. Because this is like our pre kind of honeymoon we’re just proposed a third Leatherface ah well I proposed I thought we’d go, and have a bit of a romantic dinner, and things were in the melodies we have to go for a romantic dinner on the beach the restaurant is literally called on the beach. So that’s where we’re having dinner sighs, I’m here trying to enjoy a romantic beautiful sunset, and this one is obsessed with bringing crazy crabs onto the table you guys are crazy crabs as pets when you’re younger we did, and they used to always get out of its little like tanks, and then like a week later mum would find them still alive just crawling around the house about how they survived mum you remember this we loved our crazy crab there are so many all over beeps did you get that funny law building yeah there’s bodies all over the island hey Bobby he’s trying to get as far away as possible just that sunset deserves a Cheers Wow variety guys we’ve just been served. Because it is Japanese super exciting. Because we have an eating proper raw fish before as I am I tried Ross Fishman also just after like a gluten-free well they they remember that from your yeah. So master gluten-free. But, I’m really nervous there’s like we really just started eating seafood again, and then we’ll I diving straight into raw seafood try it is it really good is it delicious yeah, and they’ve given you an avocado roll one no leave this for the honeymoon in Japan this amazing no ever caught a roll for me all righty Jess he’s making me run around everywhere you just told me that entrees was at this restaurant, and now we need to jump on our bikes to the next place for our maze yes.

So we can get the Japanese to start it, and now we’re going somewhere else it’s cool yeah it’s fun, I’m on my way you’re looking for a restaurant called fresh in the garden I think we’re having dinner in the treehouse ladies first into the treehouse chested in life does look. So cool just love how there’s so many different types of restaurants you can come, and eat it on the island like it’s one resort that’s so many different like eating experiences this is going to be cool night a big open kitchen big open treehouse kitchen I got there hello wow this place just keeps blowing me away how cool is there this is a nice spot thank you thank you shot – mm-hmm these moments actually make you feel like you’re in the Navajo just come back, and look at this onto the bed the final surprise for, and our date night oh my gosh this is so cool I didn’t ask for this by the way we just came in, and they’ve just done this this is like I can see why they say Maldives is the honeymoon place to go this is so cool they’ve made it like a little sea they turn to intellect flowers, and remember things on the pillows this piece is really cute guys they have like an iPod kind of filled with movies, and I think we’re going to watch war Lea love this movie, and I actually haven’t seen it since it came out in cinemas, and I forgot how good this movie was started from beginning okay all righty guys that is the end of today, and the melodies. But make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. Because we’ve saved the best for last Suniva has treated us. So well if they want in Thailand there one here.

But we’ve saved the cream of the crop for tomorrow you do not want to miss our next post. But thank you so much for reading if you’re new around here please hit comment not you know guys you.

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