Coqui Water Park

Best for kids 2 years old and up, the Coqui Water Park is a great destination for families looking water-filled adventures. The park is huge at 2.4 hectares which can be found inside El Conquistador Resort. Featuring pools and slides for all kids’ ages, Coqui Water Park is never deprived of an adventure. You can go sliding with lots of twists and turns before delving into cool pool water or choose from the 8500 sq. ft. of swimming pools to dive in.

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We transferred the divers over and left the two inflatable boats to make their way back to Seahouses – without, needless to say, as much as a ‘thank you’. The north side of Knavestone is a very popular site for many visiting divers because it provides an interesting mixture of scenery and lots of life on the seabed mixed with wreckage from a number of ships which have collided with the island. The best time to dive this site is at low slack water and the bottom half of the ebb tide. It is not recommended diving on the flood because you can quite easily be swept around to the other side and out of sight of the boat cover. The tidal streams are exceptionally strong on spring tides and depths range between 15 and 23 metres, with the seabed mostly stony. The area is so popular with divers in the summer that it can be like Piccadilly Circus, with up to 20 dive boats struggling for somewhere to anchor. A shallow plateau covered in a dense jungle of kelp with depths between 2 and 5 metres. There are a few small gullies and holes where you have the chance of picking up the odd lobster, but it is also an excellent rummage dive where anything could turn up, as it has in the past. For those intrepid divers interested in swimming with a couple of dozen young seal pups, it is the perfect location, as at certain times of the year this area is like a seal kindergarten. At the edge of the plateau, it drops away down a steep wall and levels out onto a stony bottom at 15 metres, where rusting steel plates and framework litter the bottom.

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