Most visitors to the Peloponnese travel to the ruins of Ancient Corinth, at the base of the Acrocorinth. Majestic columns have endured through the ages around the courtyard of the Temple of Apollo, down the stairs to the left of the excellent Archaeological Museum. The 2-3hr. hike to the fortress at the top of the Acrocorinth is strenuous and dangerous; instead, take a taxi to the summit ( 27410 31 464, ‚6), which will wait an hour before the drive back down (‚10). Explore the surprisingly intact remains of the Temple to Aphrodite, where disciples were initiated into the mysteries of love. (s 27410 31 207. Open summer Tu-F 8am-7pm, Sa-Su 8:30am-3pm; off-season daily 8am-5pm. Museum and site ‚6, students ‚3.)

In New Corinth, which is both a transportation hub and the logical base for viewing the ruins, buses leave from Terminal A, past the train station, for Athens (l!4hr. 29 per day, ‚6). Buses run from Terminal B, on Koliatsou, halfway through the park, to Ancient Corinth (20min. 8 per day 8:10am-9:10pm, ‚1). Buses leave Terminal C, Argolis Station (27410 24 403), at the intersection of Eth. Antistasis and Aratou, for: Argos (lhr. ‚3.20); Mycenae (45min. ‚2.40); and Nafplion (lVfehr. ‚4). Trains go from the station on Demokratias to Athens (normal: 2hr. 7 per day, ‚2.60; express: l’ahr. 7 per day, ‚5.70). The tourist police, Ermou 51, are located in the city’s park and provide tourists with maps, brochures, and other assistance, (s 27410 23 282. Open daily 8am-2pm.) The newly renovated Hotel Apollon , Damaskinou 2, in New Corinth, has TVs, AC, and Internet access. ( 27410 25 920. Singles ‚40; doubles ‚60.)


The last additions to the Greek state, northern and central Greece have a harsh continental climate that makes for a life distinct from that of its Mediterranean counterparts. Forgotten mountain-goat paths lead to glorious vistas, overlooking silvery olive groves, fruit-laden trees, and patchwork farmland.

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