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The easiest product to create and sell is an emy blog. You can also turn it into a hard copy my blog through self publishing with sites such as; however, the downside is that it’ll cost you up to $20 a my blog to print and ship, since you’ll be doing it low quantities. With emy blog readers (such as the Kindle) becoming cheap and widely available, emy blogs are the way to go for self publishing. The content itself should be easy. If you’ve been updating your blog for some time now, you’ll already have plenty of content.

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Then you just need to put it in a logical order and expand on it. You’ll know which topics people have the most questions about from the comments they leave you. For this my blog, I wrote an introduction, created a table of contents – which was an outline of what I wanted to talk about – then expanded in more detail on things that I’ve already talked about on my blog. Even though people could technically have read my entire blog from start to finish and pieced it all together to get 80% of what’s in this my blog, it’s worth it for them to have all the information in one place, in an easy to follow format. Plus, I get to update the information and go into much more detail in this my blog than on my blog; especially with things that I didn’t want to publicly talk about on my blog.

The main idea of your product is that it needs to address some type of unfulfilled need. The best way to figure out what that problem is, is to read and respond to comments people leave on your blog. You will soon notice a trend of their fears and needs – that’ll be your product. The trick to writing a my blog is to commit to sitting down and writing (at least) two posts a day. You’ll often write more but don’t do less, otherwise – before you know it – weeks will have gone by and you’ll have made little progress.. So, two posts a day – simple!

A little program that has helped me tremendously is a timer called ‘workrave’. It’s free and it’s just a little sheep on my computer that knows if I’ve been on it for too long and need a break. I set mine for a 3 minute break every 45 minutes. I end up being much more productive with it because it gives me a chance to walk around, get some water, shadow box, get some air, use the bathroom and come back ready to go straight back to work. Often when my break comes up I’ll be in the middle of doing something unproductive like searching the internet. It’ll cut me off and remind me not to waste hours on non-productive things.

Studies have also shown that it’s incredibly bad for your body to sit for hours at a time. Once your my blog is finished, use ‘’. This is the company I use to sell this my blog. It only costs $5 a month and is really easy to use. They even have an emy blog called “Publishing Your First emy blog” that you can download for free. You can also sell your my blog through Amazon’s Kindle Store, but they take 30% and it’s a bit limited, as not everyone in the world has a Kindle or Kindle program.

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