Scooter Empire – Make Money Renting Out Bikes In Thailand

One of the nice things about Thailand is that their unemployment rate is virtually nonexistent. The reason is because it’s so easy for anyone to start a business; you could literally go pick (or buy) some fruit somewhere and make a business by selling fresh-cut fruit anywhere with a lot of foot traffic.

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If you wanted to, an easy business that would require nothing more than buying some plastic straws and a butcher’s knife would be selling ice-cold coconuts at the gym after training – they are a fantastic source of electrolytes and very refreshing. Probably the easiest way to make money in Thailand, though if you’re here long term, is to buy a second hand motorbike (for 10,000 – 15,000 baht) and rent it out to people at the gym. You could do so with nothing more than a paper flier on the wall; you could charge 2,500 baht a month and tell the renter that they would just have to pay for any damages out of pocket.

Within four months your bike will be completely paid off – everything after that would be profit. The best thing is, when you go to sell the bike, you’ll most likely get 80% – 100% of what you paid for it. A variation of this idea would be to buy and sell those second hand bikes; just make sure you find a good mechanic and fix up the bikes before you sell them for a profit. Labor is ridiculously cheap in Thailand, you’ll be surprised how cheap it is to take your bike to the shop.

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