Restaurant Idea – Start It For Under A Hundred Bucks In Thailand

My friend Sonic wanted to move from California back to his home town Indianapolis, Indiana to open a taco restaurant since they didn’t really have any good ones there. I told him it was a terrible idea as something like 1 in 4 restaurants fail within the first year. I knew he was really excited about the idea, though, so I suggested instead opening a temporary ad hoc restaurant on the street in front of the building they were looking to lease.

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That way they could really see how many people they could expect to walk by on any given day and if they did well with the temporary food stall then they would know a restaurant itself would do well. On the flip side, if there weren’t enough customers they wouldn’t have lost much money . They took that idea and opened a mobile food truck – ‘West Coast Tacos’ – which, when they first opened, was the very first food truck in the city. It was an instant success and they were even all over the news for it.

He sold his share a year later and now successfully owns a pizza truck called ‘NY Slice’, as well as a brand new nightclub. In Thailand it’s even easier to start a small restaurant; the nice thing here is you can start a business anywhere – literally in front of your house. However, if you start making money, then it gets really complicated really fast – especially if you’re not Thai. I would suggest not open a real restaurant – or invest any money in opening a ‘proper’ business until you have a Thai partner. Even then, I heard stories all the time about guys getting screwed out of their money from their Thai partners – who legally own everything – so, personally, I wouldn’t do it. If you want to open a little food stand, however, go for it! It’ll be easy, cheap to start up and a great way to make a bit of cash; think about a rotisserie chicken stand or taco stand.

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