How To Make Money Online While Traveling

Now I make money with an online retail store based in the U.S. and selling to U.S. customers but I’m able to manage it from wherever I am in the world. I started the business in my last few months in Thailand and – since everything is outsourced, dropshipped and automated – I am able to travel and make money from anywhere. If you are interested in how to build an online business using drop-shipping, check out my post, “Start Here”, which is on the right hand side of my blog. Here is a screenshot from my first month’s sales after getting the store up and running. Keep in mind I did all this while living in Chiang Mai on a borrowed laptop!

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Online Gigs – How To Make A Couple Bucks Here And There

There’s a website called where you can make $5 a time for whatever random skill you have. Easy popular ones are video testimonials for products. You’ll get a 75 word script saying, something like, “Check out the new Pepsi Diet! It’s so refreshing I can’t believe it”. There are also little gigs for creating logos, emy blog covers, proof reading, voice-overs, graphic design, transcriptions, photo touch up, video editing, drawing, singing, dancing, and movie star impersonations – almost anything you can think of.

It’s not a lot of money per gig, but it adds up and it’s something that you can easily do while traveling. A lot of it is as easy as taking a photo of you holding up a sign for their business or writing a review. I made the cover of this my blog using; I paid someone $15 to do the whole thing and it was well worth my time – instead of trying to figure out Photoshop and design it myself.

The initial price was only $5, but I added on two additional options making it a decent payday for someone who already knows how to design covers. It also works well for people with random internet skills as you can queue them up and do 20 at once thus, really only working a few days a week. If you have more specialized skills such as web design, programming, graphic design, podcast editing, language translation etc. you can accept gigs on or where you could be making $80 an hour while you’re travelling.

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