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The vibe Cobblestones pave seaside towns. Church bells greet the sunrise from stone towers. Wrought-iron lamps still fl icker in narrow alleyways as they did 800 years ago. Much of modern Croatia developed from Italy’s early infl uence, which explains why olives and grapes are still grown on family plots, pressed in backyards and are essential parts of every meal (and wedding). Mainland spots like Split and Dubrovnik are well-trod, but the real charmers are the more obscure islands like Hvar, Brac and Vis.

Where to wed Tucked into an olive grove on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, Bracka Perla Resort sparkles with white limestone and is shaded by spindly Mediterranean pines. Extending from each of the 11 rooms is a private terrace overlooking the seaside pool deck, a cozy place to celebrate after marrying on the beach, beneath olive branches or alongside karst- fi lled valleys. Guests can walk 10 minutes to Brac’s quaint old port town of Supetar to dine on cuttlefi sh risotto plucked from the sea that day or homemade gnocchi and locally made sheep’s cheese.

Prices are lowest in April and September. Rooms from $135 per night; symbolic ceremonies from $2,800; civil ceremonies from $3,700. Local touch For a fragrant accent to any fl oral arrangement, incorporate fresh-picked purple lavender from the fi elds that blanket the Croatian isles.

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