Cross Marin Trail, Bolinas Ridge Trail

Use the INDEX to locate a trail or place that you’ve already heard about. Use the TABLE OF CONTENTS and MASTER MAP to find a region you’d like to explore. Then use the TRAILHEAD MAP to focus on a trailhead number in that region, and go the description to pick out a hike or other adventure that looks good to you. Each trailhead contains hikes of varying lengths.

Cross Marin Trail, Bolinas Ridge Trail Photo Gallery

Use the Activities Banner in the TRAILHEAD DIRECTORY to look for specific recreational activities. Use the BEST OF section to find something to suit the day and your mood.

CALCULATING HIKING TIMES: Average walkers will cover about 2 miles per hour, including stops. Exercise walkers can figure 3 miles per hour. Strollers and larger groups may average only 1 to 1.5 miles per hour.

DRIVING TIMES: When there is no traffic, ha, ha, you can drive from San Rafael south to San Francisco or north to Novato in less than a half-hour. From central Marin to West Marin takes 30-to-40 minutes, and to the far reaches of the Point Reyes Peninsula a little more than one hour. MAPS: You’ll probably want to get a street map; see Resource Links for sources.

These correspond to the numbers shown on the six Trail-head Maps. Numbering begins with Map 1, San Francisco, and ends at the northern end of Marin, Map 6. Within each region, trailheads that are close together numerically will also be close together geographically. Within the text of the blog, trailhead numbers are listed sequentially, starting at 1 and ending at 102. When looking for a particular trailhead, “TH65” for example, you may find it easier to leaf through the text rather than look up the page number in the Trailhead Directory.

Trailhead Name: This is where you park for hiking, walking, and biking. Each trail-head has numerous activities. Each trailhead may also have several access points, that is, different places to begin activities.

Activities Banner: This shows which of the recreational activities are available at this trailhead. Activities include one or more of the following, always listed in the same order.

Hike Hikes in natural settings, ranging from short paths for a picnic to = wilderness trails.

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