After spending our first day in una bomba a part of the sacred Valley here in Peru it was time to head back to cusco. I started freaking out a little bit. And luckily our drivers pulled over because there’s something really incredible right now on the side of the road are, you excited.


I see them all the time look at, you, this is Chewbacca the alpaca. I’ve named him alright boys this various here. I’m also known as the alpaca whisperer trying to gain his trust right now Lourdes.

So if you guys are familiar with your alpaca llama facts, it’s that if you get too close to them and, you actually annoy them. I think they tend to spit on, you haven’t seen it yet heaven hasn’t happened to me yet, but we were just told about five months they actually can’t spit. So that comes later in life.

So, this is a low threat alpaca as we like to call them back in Canada dreams come true here in Peru what’s up guys we’ve just arrived here in cusco about an hour. And a half later traffic was moving really slow because of the rain. And the really narrow roads, but, this is we’re gonna be for the next two nights at this incredible hotel I’ll show, you around in just a sec.

So if you’re ready to live like a Peruvian king follow me come on into our two bedroom suites are on your right you’ve got an extra bathroom this here is our living space it kind of got that very regal kind of sophisticated deal. So this will be a good space for us to do our edits. And then coming in here, this is where Jamie and.

I have our relaxation space. I’m very impressed. So that right there is our hotel, this is coricancha.

I believe korikancha is the temple of the Sun correct Oh see the Sun Temple of the Sun Kathy was saying it might not be worth going inside, but the most beautiful part is from the outside. So we’re seeing that, it’s gorgeous even just walking like around these areas wearing my backpack it actually puts me out of breath a little bit the physical exertion becomes that much more challenging with the thin air welcome to Korea folks we just walked behind this six-foot-five white guy he’s like psychedelic mushrooms bring him home to mom like what is he doing it through. So Cusco is very different than Lima, it’s a lot more like colonial style, it’s got that old-school kind of almost European look to it, this is Plaza de Armas and, this is like the central city square, it’s really beautiful you’ve got a nice green space you’ve got these incredible cathedrals.

And in the middle you’ve got this fountain with your like a really powerful looking ink on top of it just off the city square we are going to love that out Vienna and, this is apparently a really great place to get some lunch. So let’s go. I’m starving how about that for a backdrop right behind us an incredible Cathedral how’s the hot chocolate good needs a bit of sugar though cuz.

I feel like, it’s just cocoa oh really like when they make it they just put cocoa in. And milk right and, you put the sugar in the sweet into your tasty. I just got myself an American coffee.

So this was thirteen solez my coffee was five Celeste. So basically this whole meal for me will cost around five US dollars even a bit less. So really not bad at all, you ready to shop till we drop back yeah dude ready for the bargain that is sunpuddle market that’s where, you can get the best deals on all your llama apparel, you can get really like unique peruvian towels.

And blankets mugs. And maybe even pick up a guinea pig or two just don’t let in your cat see she’ll eat it down stuffing oh my gosh it just goes on. And on.

So, this is like nothing. I’ve ever seen before like in Thailand you’ve markets just like this, but look at this they’re like literally elevated up they’re all standing on like a four foot stool and, you can get all sorts of fresh milkshakes just based on the fruit we’ve been eating here. I’m sure these are gonna be some of the best shakes.

I’ve ever had, you want to get one, it’s a bit of a predicament. I don’t know who to choose they all seemed. So nice pretty much everybody in the books trying to give us milkshakes.

I’m gonna do a Chitty moya mango one shake was only like to us. So, it’s pretty cheap yeah. I dig it big time you’re gonna shop till we drop.

We’ll shop shut up shops tip oh my gosh guinea pigs yeah wanna be in the post. I’m from Argentina, you $30 to roughly ten us. I definitely want llamas of mine and, you can negotiate right yeah.

So right now we’re trying on some of the Peruvian sweaters dude nice sweater yeah man, you have the sickest sweater. I’ve ever seen like. I’m not gonna lie man, this is super dope thanks dude.

So Christian spotted another one of his dreams gaseous. I feel kind of small. I think, it’s for kids yeah, you being a little too close-minded, it’s for anyone why don’t, you shower near a Pokemon because they’ll peek at, you the transformation is complete.

I am now. I seem to Escobar. So good.

I went. So overboard at first. I was like.

I just want a llama sweater next thing. I knew. I bought everything she doesn’t want to be seen with me oh look at that yep work it kill me also unique.

And also fascinating. So my totally forgetting not to be the same we’re back at the hotel voila looking good one kebab thank, you very much that’s how, you know, you were back at Palacio del inca you’ve got your friendly Incan man greeting, you as, you come back. And what’s really beautiful is at night, you could see that mountain range, it’s covered in homes turns into like a massive set of lights it’s.

So gorgeous and, this is my favorite part the lobby here it just looks like something out of like the Last Supper. I really hope, you enjoyed today’s Peru post. And if you did why don’t, you take it a step further.

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And it’ll take, you right there without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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