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The riverbanks here were uninhabited; the northern one was a Dalian Map Tourist Attractions gravel sweep backed by a flat low plain with rice paddies, while opposite was sand and Dalian Map Tourist Attractions gravel rising to craggy barren mountains. I played around paddling the raft for a while, it wasn’t nearly as manoeuvrable as my canoe. But it was much more stable. Finally we pulled into an eddy, paddling hard against the current, and glided into the shore. When I asked Lee how he would take the raft upriver he said that it was not at all heavy, he would just carry it on his shoulders. Later on I met Chen again.

Does Creative Enterprise Matter?

The first comprehensive global review on the global creative economy by the United Nation’s UNCTAD (Santos 2008) highlighted the importance of creating the conditions in which creativity can flourish by creating new capital – human, structural, social and cultural. Major cities around the globe are focal points for creative industries. According to UNCTAD:

Creative Industries can be defined as the cycles of creation, production and distribution of goods and services that use creativity and intellectual capital as primary inputs. They comprise a set of knowledge-based activities that produce tangible goods and intangible intellectual or artistic services with creative content, economic value and market objectives.

The creative industries are categorized by UNCTAD in Figure 4.

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