Dangerously Close to Elephants

Hey Zimbabwe Hey everyone we have woken up bright, and early. Because today we’re gonna go do in a little explore of the area on a safari. But this Safari is going to be on horseback.

So that’s gonna be sunny unique, I’m very excited Hey guys look at the Hat she’s got the cowboy boots they gave me these things okay the last time we did horse ride was probably exactly a year ago with my cousin oh yeah everyone Calipari very concise manual what’s your horsies name sorry cool Safari time Jess how much supposed to look like a cool cowboy on a safari with my sunday bloomingdales hat on pick the wrong one on a horse Safari probably not gonna find anything with this hat though just to have tea, and crumpets for the end of the ride you know thirsty just found our first game some in parlor freak a way to do a game drive by horseback this time I found a herd of wildebeest, and couldn’t be fazer with ya look what we found I was so incredibly being able to swim with those forces can take that off the bucket list now you want a drink you deserve it oh I just picked up some lunch, and how I can’t appreciate this view enough it is amazing.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been served lunch with some crazy chefs before that was so good did you enjoy it notice for me the horses was so cool saddle to of saddle yeah we had a bit of a change. But I don’t know have you guys ever swum with horses before quite the experience mine didn’t want to swim too much mine loved it was so fun is this your purse another day sorry time what just how long have you been in Africa for sorry uh over a month, and we haven’t been on a safari yet. So, I’m like Stephen it’s a fiery time it is very much Safari time Safari is him I haven’t done one no hopefully we see I don’t think they have any big five yeah it’s mostly just like not fun we have gone up close, and personal with a lot of animals yes.

So you can’t complain we’ve entered the game reserve now we need to go look for some you guys really thought that’s how we’re gonna show the game dry copter black cue the music, and let’s go how do you guys feel about killing Mufasa yeah you walk away. So we’ve just jumped off of our safari, and hello anybody oh my goodness wow she’s coming right over does that mean she likes him this is incredible. So it looks like we’re just gonna end our day walking these beautiful animals to see where they go it looks like there’s some good food there this camera does not give any perspective about how big what a way to watch the sunset with some cool little dudes just it’s December look what I’ve set up for you.

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