Dining in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the melting pot of Caribbean’s dining experience. It cooks up a wide array of dishes,
from the local and well-loved Puerto Rican lechon and mofongo to the classic favorites like Italian,
American and Mediterranean dishes.
Puerto Rican dishes include the staple plaintains. These can come in different forms flat patties,
ripe and sweet maduros or the mightiest of all, the mofongo. Mofongos are well-loved and must-have
in the Puerto Rican dining experience. These are mashed plaintains that have been stuffed with meat,
seafoods or vegetables.
Lechon is the star of the table for every important occasion. Lechon is simply whole pig roasted in
charcoal until its skin turns dark gold, dripping with oil and flesh fragrant from the whole cooking
process. In fact, the cooking of lechon is considered an event itself.
Puerto Rico also prides itself for its coffee plantations where some of the world’s finest coffees come
from. The moist Puerto Rican soil combined with volcanic soil make coffee in the island very
remarkable. To get your share of the famous Puerto Rico coffee, visit Caficultura and Cuatro
Estaciones in Old San Juan.
Aside from the local favorites, there’s a whole lot more of dining experience in Puerto Rico. Bodega
Chic serves French, Algerian and Caribbean cuisine while Aguaviva offers delectable seafood
recipes. Bebo’s Caf© is the best place for local favorites like Mofongo, while Strip House in San
Juan is home to Puerto Rico’s best steaks.
While Caribbean, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine are to be expected in Puerto Rico, what came
as surprise to some tourists are the sprouting Asian food establishments. Chinese, Lebanese and
Japanese restaurants can now be found in San Juan. Some Arabian restaurants even go all out and
have belly dancers entertain their diners.
Moderate and cheaply-priced street foods shouldn’t be missed in your Puerto Rican dining
experience. Stand-alone stalls selling kebabs, spiced beef and chicken as well as codfish fritters are
prominent in different parts of the territory.

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