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Dwarka is a city situated on the west India on the sea coast; millions of years ago Lord Krishna had established this city. Krishna’s birth place had been Mathura; he grew up in Gokul while he ruled Dwarka only, sitting here Krishna controlled the entire country, supported Pandavas, made truth and religion to ultimately win by defeating duryodhan and rishupal kind of immoral persons. In those days Dwarka had become the capital city of India. Many big kings would come there and take advice and suggestions from Krishna.

Today also Dwarka is considered as a very important city. Out of the four religions and seven abodes it is one of the abode. Its beauty is non explainable, the sea’s waves rise in a manner and washes away its shores as though it is touching its feet. Dwarka is a small town, which is surrounded by four walls, inside it there are huge temples. The more religious spots and most visited arte Ranchod temple, Durvasa and trivikram temple, Sharda Math, Chakra Tirath, Bet Dwarka, and Shell Lake and etc.

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Dwarka has been mentioned in sacred Hindu religious books, Mahabharata, Skand Puran, Vishnu Puran etc. As per the Purana’s around 3,500 years back when Jarasand came nineteenth time to attack Mathura after losing his battles for eighteen time, its then Lord Krishna had built this city after knowing every situation of the battle; Krishna along with his family and all Mathura its he came to settle down in Dwarka city. Dwarka City had got merged into the sea at the time when Krishna had gone away to heaven. Today archeologists have found out the mortal remains of this city and also its history.

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