Choosing Things to Do For India Travel

It is actually more fun than it sounds. Point your web browser to and the tourism department / ministry website of that particular destination (, etc.). Read up on the tours and attractions that you liked and then shortlist them in the spreadsheet.

TripAdvisor lists Things to Do in different categories like Attractions, Activities, Nightlife and Shopping. Attractions are further divided into Cultural, Performances, Landmarks, Museums, Outdoors, Sports, Amusement, Zoos and Aquariums. You should first see the attraction ranking in All, which will give you a fair idea of what most people like in that place. Then, drill down to the category of your choice. Although, I am sure that most of us like to have a healthy mix of all kinds of attractions and activities. No one can be ‘cool’ enough to miss a visit to the Louvre Museum in is simply a must-do. For popular destinations, TripAdvisor also has travel guides like ‘3 Days in London’ and there are enthusiastic travelers who share their version of guides.

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Likewise, Wikitravel also is a treasure trove of material on the places of interest and sometimes itineraries or guides. Day wise itineraries can also be found on the tourism website of the place of interest.

Your Ticket to Fun

TripAdvisor, WikiTravel and the tourism department websites provide information for you to compare. After you do the homework, you will need to book your tickets online. There are several reasons why you should get tickets to attractions online, before you leave for vacation.

Firstly, you save on money, since there will usually be discounts and packages or deals available. The logic is simple, by having their ticketing online, the museums and tour companies reduce their overheads in terms of booking clerk, accountants etc. If you get tickets from touts or agents (yes, they are everywhere in the world!), you may be in the danger of being scammed – either you will get an expensive deal or the tour is poorly organized.

Secondly, you save on time – the time spent standing in a queue say, outside the Colosseum in Rome or Singapore Flyer (in sweltering heat). Try to get Skip-the-Line deals, wherein you straightaway head over to the attractions without standing in the queue of tourists waiting to get inside. Add the hours you save standing in lines for tickets and entry and then you will begin to see the real benefit here. Moreover, queuing up for hours saps the energy you need to see the miles of displays at say, the Louvre or Vatican etc.

Thirdly, you reduce the chances of instinct purchase. What does that mean? When you are queuing up for tickets to an attraction, and you find there are several options and packages, you don’t have the time to look for value and inclusions on these packages vs individual tickets (if applicable). That is when one tends to go with instinct and purchases them When buying online, you will have the time to do your research and to check if the package is really worth the money you pay or not.

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