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Well, you doing we’re going on a jet boat bus water dippers hey guys welcome to the cour bungee bridge, this is the original home of bungee, this is where one chance started that’s the bridge that meant, you started on yeah 43 meters still going today and. I don’t know how they don’t love it or not debating think about it he’s got to the age, it’s the next big. I can’t do it they seriously can’t do it, this is my second time to New Zealand and.

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I can’t do bungee, it’s just. I don’t know, it’s. I’m sorry sorry now we are busty.

And we are making our way from yeah everybody okay. So right now. I met the speights brewery because we’re here for a brewery trip we’re getting like all about beer museums number one beer okay there are a full of my ingredients to make him bigger.

I kind of this Bali to a shot this hops in his water okay these two parties had said the same this way that we roast them that produces the different characteristics of Diwali all the raw materials done at the top of the brewery. And as, you work down through the floors, you come out with the amber product is in the batter. And the cast.

And barrels at the bottom okay. So gravity to literally does the production for, you Bernina being myself hey guys. So right now we are going on a ghost tour up it didn’t need it cemetary we’re going to visit some wisdom unions most haunted building learning all about it we will see a ghost oh my gosh you.

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