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Those who are to judge of the words must judge whether Fort Wayne Map Tourist Attractions they are scandalous, or ironical, or tend to the breach of the peace, or are Fort Wayne Map Tourist Attractions seditious. There can be no doubt of it. Mr. Hamilton: I thank Your Honor. I am glad to find the Court of this opinion. Then it follows that these twelve men must understand the words in the information to be scandalous that is to say, false.

Once equipment was set, Jenny and Lisa broke the team in groups and the investigation began. All was quiet until Lisa’s team and Bev, entered the attic. A narrow stairway led them to the gloomy confines of the uppermost floor. Moonlight spilled across the cluttered room revealing countless heirlooms.

The small group carefully made their way to the center of the room and sat down. Almost instantly faint sounds crept from the darkest corners. Initially they were ignored, the team thinking it was just the sounds of an old home. Yet, there was a prevailing sense that something was near.

Sue, a member of the Highland team, began the questioning. “Is there anybody in the attic? Do you want to come and talk to us here?”

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