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Under Governor Printz, ships came to the colony in three Fortaleza Map distinct voyages. The first ship was the Black Cat, with ammunition, and merchandise for the Fortaleza Map Indians. Next, the ship Swan, on a second voyage, with emigrants, in the year 1647. Afterwards, two other ships, called the Key and The Lamp. During these times the clergymen, Mr. Lawrence Charles Lockenius and Mr.

Lisa directed her flashlight to the EMF meter and saw levels were beginning to rise. It signaled an increase in energy that is said to build when a spirit nears. Scott, taking Lisa’s digital thermal gage, went up to the balcony hoping its higher elevation would help him pinpoint the location of the sound, should it come again. He aimed the thermometer’s laser beam near Lisa and our circle. It was a steady 73 degrees.

I began a new series of questions about the fire. “Whoever is here, did you start the fire that burned these buildings down? Are you afraid to show yourself? Do you not want to get caught?”

Tracey added, “Was it an accident?”

T racey feels a chill.

It was then Lisa felt a tingling sensation as the hair on her left arm began to rise. It lasted briefly then faded just as Tracey felt a chill. The energy in the room was building.

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