Freshwater Fish IN UK Canals

It’s also worth briefly mentioning different float methods, which can be just the ticket when the waggler is less than ideal. Very deep canals, or those with a steady flow are just two examples where you might need a plan B if you want to float fish with rod and reel.

A stick float can be highly effective on any waterway with a healthy flow to it, especially those venues which are essentially canalised rivers. Lock gates and side streams are other obvious spots to try tactics more regularly associated with rivers. Indeed, sometimes it is a mistake to try and keep your bait dead still where there is a flow. The bait you loose feed will be anything but static, so your hookbait must behave similarly.

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Deep water also poses a challenge for float fishing. If the depth becomes anywhere near a rod length, casting becomes very difficult. The best solution is often to use a sliding float or ‘slider’.

These are large waggler-style floats with a swivel at the bottom. Rather than locking in place with shot, these floats cock upright by hitting a stop knot or float stop, which can be positioned as much as 12-15ft deep. All your shot can then be placed much nearer the hook, making casting much easier.

Quite a specialised method, but worth researching if your local Cut is very deep.

The spoils of an enjoyable session on the waggler, with caster-caught fish from both mid-water and on the bottom.

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