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Auschwitz-Birkenau in Fresno

The Neuengamme Monument dedicated in November 13, 1949, was carved by Pierre Honore. It depicts a female figure looking in the distance, symbolizing hope and humanity.

The French and Indian War had a profound effect on colonial trade laws, and trade regulation became a major factor in bringing on the crisis of revolution. Fresno Subway Map The expense of waging the French and Indian War and maintaining troops in North Country after the war had to be addressed, so taxes were raised in England. Furthermore, King George III and his ministers believed that the colonists should share the monetary burden of their own defense.

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Consequently, for the first time in colonial history, Parliament taxed the colonies directly. In 1764, the Molasses Act (1733), which was often ignored by the colonists, was replaced by the Sugar Act. The Sugar Act, which placed a tax on a variety of foreign products such as textiles, wines, and coffee, cut the sixpence per gallon duty on sugar in half. Lord of the Treasury George Grenville hoped that the reduction of the tax would discourage smuggling and remove the temptation to bribe customs officers.

Another notable distinction between prior trade laws and the Sugar Act was that the new act was rigorously enforced. The Stamp Act (1765), which also taxed the colonists directly, placed a tariff on all printed materials, including newspapers, pamphlets, almanacs, bonds, leases, deeds, licenses, insurance policies, college diplomas, dice, and playing cards. This act angered all sectors of colonial society.

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