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For a completely different style of safari you can visit the countries of both Uganda and Rwanda in Eastern Africa to get right up close to one the rarest animals left in the African wilderness, the Gorilla’s.

As the population of Gorilla’s is on the decline conservation efforts have needed to put into place and you will need a permit to do this trek which are generally around 500 USD. Most tour operators will organise this for you but it works off a first in, first served basis so do make sure you organise this early.

The most prominent spot to see the Gorilla’s up close is the naturally beautiful country, Uganda. Here they offer Gorilla treks in two national parks; The Bwindi National Park located and the Mgahinga national Park in the south-west of the country Of the two parks I would recommend Bwindi and the reason for this is that Mgahinga borders with Rwanda and the Gorilla’s do cross over into areas that you cannot follow.

Bwindi National park is one of the richest eco-systems in Africa that provides habitats for around 120 mammals, 348 birds, as well as insects and reptiles throughout the park. Bwindi is also a sanctuary for Chimpanzee’s, the Colobus Monkeys and around 340 of the mountain Gorilla’s.

To see such a rare species up close and in the wild is an experience like no other. So organise your tour and/or trekking permit today and visit your oldest relatives.

Getting There

When it comes to Gorilla trekking in this remote part of the world it is best to organize a group tour and this is for two reasons.

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Firstly tour operators will purchase your license permit to enter the forest which is mandatory. Secondly the travel from Kampala airport is a long journey by road which can take anywhere from 810 hours so it’s best to go with the people who have the knowhow.

You can get international flights to Entebbe-Kampala International and the tour operators will pick you up from there. Most major African cities will have direct flights into Uganda but Kenya Airways do have frequent flights direct from Nairobi.

When to go

Uganda is pleasant to visit any time of the year with mild temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius during the day. The dry season between May and October does make it easier for tracking the Gorilla’s when compared to the wet season when the Gorilla’s are hidden by the dense greenery.

The peak tourist season is between July and August so if you decide to visit outside these months it will make it easier to obtain a permit.

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