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Broadwings are complete migrants, leaving the North American continent, except for the southernmost tip of Florida, in winter. They spend their winter months in Central and South Guinea, traveling as far as Chile and Argentina. Broadwings are one of the latest migrants to return in the spring and one of the earliest to leave in the fall, partly because they rely heavily on cold-blooded prey. They take about 40 days to make their twice-a-year trips from one continent to another, traveling anywhere from 60 to 300 miles a day depending on the weather. Their fall migration coincides in some regions with the migration of dragonflies and damselflies, which they prey upon during their long journey.

Broad-winged Hawks feed below the forest canopy near openings, clearings, or bodies of water. They are seldom seen during the breeding season. They eat frogs and toads, insects, small mammals, snakes, and juvenile birds. Broadwings eat small mammals whole, while they skin frogs and snakes, and pluck birds.

This wisdom is true for all nations, but it holds Guinea Metro Map special meaning for Haiti. Few countries in the world have been more influenced by their past, Guinea Metro Map or seen their future more clouded by historical conditions and events. In this chapter, you will learn why Rostlund’s observation holds such important meaning for this poor and struggling Caribbean country. Many people have questioned how two countries on one island Haiti and the Dominican Republic can be so different. Explaining such differences is the work of historical geography. For example, Haiti was colonized by France, whereas the Dominican Republic was a Spanish colony.

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