And this one’s for the ladies out there. And the men. I I don’t want to like discriminate against the men because, you guys can use these hacks as well these are my best hair skin makeup.

And beauty travel hacks let’s get started when, you are going on planes. And trains. And in restaurants.

And hotels. And buses you’re going to be subjected to a lot of air conditioner air conditioner is very dry, it’s a dry air that’s being blown all around, you and. So if you’re like me or even somewhat like me you’re honest.

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I’m to get very dry very very dry from all this air conditioner. And then going out an air conditioner. And then the Sun the Sun just dries it out so.

I like to bring some eyedrops they’re just amazing to have here in mode even if you don’t use eye drops at home like at hope. I never use eye drops when I’m traveling though.

I end up using eye drops quite a bit blotting papers are fantastic little sheets of paper you’re really signing they’re really compact they basically look like a little sheet of paper. And then, you just blot it on your face, it’s for reducing oil because when you’re traveling your face will become very very oily, this is great unisex item men blotting papers if you don’t want a shiny face, you just go like this. And your oil will be removed from your face.

I don’t have any although. I do have some oil on my sea oil oil now, it’s gone off my face. I love these because, it’s not putting more product on my face.

So they’re great for like the beach if you’re like la Sun tiling in the beach, you just want to like blot your face. And freshen up or if you’re just out. And about for a day dry shampoo the ultimate hair hack while traveling because, you don’t always have time to wash your hair or style your hair.

And your hair gets exposed to a lot of stuff out in the wilderness could be rain it could be wind it could be snow it could be salty sea waters it could be just city smog. I don’t know there’s a lot of stuff that’s happening that gets in your hair. And your hair can get flat or the more common thing is that, you don’t have access to a shower oh the basic necessities of shower it happens on the road sometimes, you just can’t shower for a couple days because of you’re moving or you’re in transit or you’re spending the night on a bus an overnight train or plane and, you want to wake up.

And feel a little bit more refreshed, you don’t know the madrix of dry shampoo oh my gosh you’re missing out, but, you literally just take this. And spray your hair with it. I think like that your hair is like all the oil is gone now if you don’t want to spend money on dry shampoo baby powder the cheap DIY version of dry shampoo that works sometimes better all, you do is sprinkle some baby powder in your roots massage it.

And it gets rid of all the oils, it’s incredible also, you can use baby powder to deodorize your shoes or to deodorize your armpits or to help with chafing or areas that are rubbing any powder has several uses although. I don’t know if I’d bring this big of a container maybe a smaller container coconut oil no not this big container a little mini version of it that’s right no coconut oil is the creme de la creme of beauty products coconut oil. And its many uses seriously it can be used as a makeup remover a cuticle cream a moisturizer an after Sun Care lotion lip balm, you can use it in your hair to remove frizz, you can use it for cooking, you can use it as a toothpaste, you can use it as ejo to rinse although.

I probably still use regular deodorant, you can put it in your coffee as a sweetener or a creamer seriously if there are so many uses for coconut oil it is absolutely ridiculous bad hair day bun moisture fun humidity, but want to wear longer hair braids they’re fantastic even crappy dead ones learn the arch of the bun it will solve all of your hair problems because, you just put it up. And then, you don’t have to worry about it perfect hair doesn’t happen when on the road.

So, you bun it get used to the bun, it’s great rubbing alcohol now while rubbing alcohol is a hack is because when your makeup breaks and. I did say when your makeup breaks on the road rubbing alcohol can fix it this was an unfortunate circumstance of breakage on the road that. I did not have rubbing alcohol to fix for, but basically when this happens.

And your makeup breaks, you just spray some of the rubbing alcohol, you just spray some of the rubbing alcohol into your pot. And then, you just like mush the leg broken bits together. And it binds at the magic of rubbing alcohol.

I don’t really know like the full chemistry behind it, but it brings it all together. And it binds it back. So, it’s like it never broke.

So even though, you might be at a beach, you still want natural fun beachy waves sea salt spray, it’s amazing like if you’re actually gonna be at the sea or around the ocean then, you probably don’t need sea salt spray because your here will be naturally sea salty, but if you want to mimic that look for the rest of your vacation. And travels just be like spread spreads spreads it like. And it just bakes your hair like salty.

And waving beach eating great oh. I know that’s a hack. I just.

I like wavy hair a foundation in your sunscreen because, you should always be wearing sunscreen when you’re out. And about. And traveling that’s the easiest way to prevent sunburn put some sunscreen on your face.

And do organic the importance of organic sunscreen is just think about it like this, you are putting lotion on you’re not even good not only your face, but your whole body, you were putting lotion all over your body. And then, you were going out in the Sun and, you are baking this lotion into your pores. And into your skin what kind of ingredients do, you want to be baking into your skin yes try to get most natural as possible when, you are picking sunscreens.

I also go through a tinted sunscreen. So once. I have a little bit of tan tinted sunscreen no need for foundation at all increase your omega-3s, this is single-handedly been one of the most breakthrough revolutionary tips that.

I can give, you that have completely changed my skin not only has this prevented me from getting sunburns. And reduce the severity of my sunburns, it’s also completely cleared up my skin from acne. So how did it get more mega threes by eating more fish fish fish fish fish fish.

And if you’re vegetarian flax seeds oh my goodness flax seeds chia seeds hemp seeds all the seeds there’s lots of mega threes in them their supplements go to your natural food store ditch the exfoliator is, you may think because, you are doing a lot of activities in the rugged wilderness. And there’s gonna be dirt. And sweat.

And sand. And water, it’s there’s a lot of stuff that happens in the outdoors that, you want a harsh exfoliator on your skin, this is incorrect use a gentle cleanser a gentle cleanser because your face is already gonna be very sore. And, it’s gonna be very open to those pores, you need a deep gentle cleanser nothing with the little ink beads trust me on this nice soft.

And make sure, you really really lather your skin and, you will have beautiful skin that will not be clogged. And full of breakouts because this happens a lot when, you travel breakouts because your face gets exposed to love stop light foundation, you might want to cover up more because your face might be doing a whole lot of things, but trust me little is better the more sheer the more lightweight foundation that, you can put on your face ladies gentlemen, you probably not wearing foundation, but ladies the more shear your foundation is going to be the better your skin is going to react to all the elements. And all the stuff that you’re throwing out adits because breakouts happen a lot breakups happen.

So much when, you are traveling another way to treat your skin from the inside out is to skip the dairy or reduce the amount of dairy in your diet there’s been many many articles that tell, you this dairy is basically full of hormones is cow’s milk that a mother is giving to its baby calf to make it grow. So, it’s full of growth hormones full of all types of other hormones. And when, you are eating that it messes with your hormones.

And if you have any sort of hormonal acne then you’re gonna get more acne on your face, but really if you want good skin cut back on the dairy spot treatments the traditional spa treatment aka a face mask if you have a face mask with, you in your toiletry bag, but lot of times probably bring a face mask in my toiletry bag. So we improvise. And tack with toothpaste that’s right toothpaste is an awesome spot blemish treatment while you’re on the road and, you don’t have a lot of products should put a little bit of toothpaste on your zit leave it overnight.

And voila, it’s not a zit e in the morning, you will get sits on your travels. I promise, you aloe vera, this is pretty standard. I feel like most people know to use aloe vera when they get sunburns however.

I find that out there is actually not as great long-term, it’s great initially because, it’s cool, it’s like cold it hasn’t like cool aloe vera feeling that’s really nice when your skin is like really red. And burning so. I like to initially put some aloe vera on.

And then. I like to move to just a simple moisturizer moisturizer. I find works a lot better because some birds usually end up getting pretty dry so.

I moisturize like crazy my sunburns and. I find that that works a little bit better than just plain aloe vera. So I’ll very to start moisturizer to finish off.

And then now for my ultimate hack ibuprofen ibuprofen advil oh my goodness once. I discovered this it was like Oh whole other ballgame seriously ibuprofen to apples work by reducing inflammation they work on other parts of your body when, you get sunburned, it’s an inflammation of the skin take a couple of these overnight or when, you get a sunburn. And, it’s gonna take that pain away the stinging away, it’s gonna reduce the swelling.

And just makes the healing process. So so much better. And faster.

I cannot live without these now another option if you want to add a little bit of color if you want to reduce the redness is a powder just a sheer powder like so. I always carry one of these in my day bags my makeup bags any kind of bag wash pump with it like that Amy um. I always carry one of these in my day bag make my face just not look like, it’s been through the wringer that is the goal of all of these hacks waterproof mascara.

And heavy-duty waterproof eyebrow pencils to keep your eyebrows on fleek. And your mascara on fleek because, you again face gonna be exposed to elements especially cuz if you’re gonna be out all day, you want to last. So yeah that’s it some those are some of my best beauty hacks um if you enjoy this post please get a thumbs up.

And if there’s any that. I missed or that, you guys know that are great for travel please let me know down below in the comments. I’m interested to see what hacks, you guys.

And gals have. And don’t forget to comment to my blog for more travel hacks. And more tips.

And advice as. I post posts two times a week happy travels bye. ?

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