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To get back to the course of the circular walk, Haiti Subway Map simply retrace your steps to the Hollist Arms, remembering to fork left onto the narrower footpath where Haiti Subway Map the bridleway sign points you straight on. A touch of the hair of the dog at the Hollist Arms may provide you with the necessary zest for the final stretch if you feel worn out by the extra mileage -or indeed by the Cumberland sausage. Turn off the main street at the Hollist Arms (a left turn if you have approached it from Halfway Bridge, a right turn if you’ve missed it out) and follow the road signposted ‘Recreation Hall’.

According to an article in the March 5, 1909, edition of the Muskegon Chronicle, it was around 2:30 a.m. when Elton finally confessed. “I killed her. I was afraid that she would say I set fire to the barns.”

He continued with his story, initially blaming his mother for the barn fires. “I didn’t fire the barns; and I suspect mother did it; and I took the hatchet and hit her four times with it.”

After further questioning he admitted to setting the barn fires as well. When asked why he would kill his mother in such a terrible way, he paused for a moment, then matter-of-fact responded, “It was a funny thing to do, wasn’t it?”

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