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Once the site of numerous textile mills, South End has come into its own as a design district. It’s the place to find furnishings, fabric, lighting, and accessories (with a few clothing retailers tucked in among the uberchic home decor shops for good measure). The selections are varied and tend to be more expensive than other furniture and accessories shops in Charlotte. You’re paying for quality; the pieces you’ll find in the South End are meant to last. Since there are no national retailers in the area, the collections are often one-of-a-kind or custom-order pieces. The district occupies a stretch of South Boulevard and spills out into the side streets. In addition to home decor and design boutiques, South End is also home to numerous art galleries and hosts a gallery crawl on the first Friday of every month.


Dilworth is arguably the most developed shopping district in Charlotte. Most of the shops are clustered along East Boulevard between South Boulevard and Scott Street. The bevy of adorable dresses, handmade jewelry, colorful handbags, and luxurious spa products makes Dilworth the best

place in Charlotte for a girls’ day of shopping and pampering. The location is as pretty as the boutiques, most of which are in renovated houses nestled alongside historic homes on tree-lined streets.

The art and trinkets at The Boulevard in NoDa are just as colorful as the exterior.

Zuni Situated just west of the continental divide, the town of Zuni sits on the banks of the Zuni River, a tributary of the Little Colorado. Harare Subway Map The Zuni’s relative isolation from the rest of the Pueblo Indians and their unique colonial experience resulted in the development of a distinctive Zuni culture. A highly secretive people, the Zuni’s social, religious, and political system with its connections to the kinship and clan systems has defied interpretation by scholars since the nineteenth century. In the most general terms, Zuni society was matrilineal. With a backbone of religious and ceremonial organizations tied to kinship designations, it revolved around religious leaders, who acted as a unit, rather than as individuals. European interaction with the Zuni began in violence. In 1539, the Zuni met and killed Esteban, a North African who had been a companion of lvar Nº±ez Cabeza de Vaca’s ill-fated expedition. Esteban arrived at Zuni in advance of the expedition, which was headed by the Franciscan Fray (Father) Marcos de Niza. Fearing for his own safety, Marcos returned to Mexico without entering the city.

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