How to Travel in Texas

It’s a scorcher today! Pushed straight out of Texas this morning. A strange broken morning of riding.

The head wind was brutal first thing. I decided the best thing to do was slip-stream off the RV It worked brilliantly. Saj in the drivers seat maintaining 20mph and we blasted out of Texas, I stuck as close as I dare to the rear bumper conserving as much energy as I could for later. We called in early morning to see the Cadillac Ranch. For those not familiar this is the place where the cars look like they are planted in the ground, half the car sticks out of the earth. Tourists flock to see and spray paint their name or where they are from down the sides of the cars. The cars are randomly lodged in the ground, half way down the highway, a little ride out of Amarillo. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to this art, although I did see a huge billboard letting people know what to do if they were caught with weed. I wonder if the artist was under the influence when I the idea was born.

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If you have never driven Route 66 you would be forgiven in thinking that it’s a relatively easy thing to navigate. Go from Chicago to LA and follow the signs, simple? Not so much, there is probably a sign once every 100 miles, sometimes the old highway disappears completely into a dirt track. We found today that other times the old highway merges with the interstate. Our earlier run in with the law has taught us that the interstate is not an option on a bike, which means we must navigate the smaller roads.

There were not many towns on the roads today, and the few that we saw had seen better days. Ghost towns lay along this stretch of the highway, eerily overgrown homes, lifeless, in desperate need of civilisation.

The temperature maxed at 32 degrees this afernoon. I was down to just my bib shorts for riding, amazingly unattractive things. If bibs shorts are not something you know, think mid 80s wrestler or possibly what Mexican midget wrestlers wear. They are ridiculous, and as I am now finding out leave incredibly stupid tan lines. Arizona will be even hotter than this.

We had yet another storm last night. Luckily I had my thunder buddy. The storms here are biblical, end of the universe types things. Saj had gone to the shop when the storm started, he returned three hours later, everywhere closed their doors and windows. I have added a video from inside the RV.

I’m still trying fathom how I can cycle through a time zone! How crazy is that?! We are now 7 hours behind the UK. New Mexico is more like its own country, everything feels a little different. The earth here is scorched red, the rivers are the same colour. Everything looks hot, even the cows in the fields look too hot.

The team are looking forward to a running day. Two days in a sweaty RV is not good for anyone. They will get the chance to sweat with me tomorrow.

I think the only thing we can go for now is 6000 likes?! We are well on our way. You keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Sam

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