ICE QUEENS Queenstown New Zealand

Hey guys. So right now.

I’m sitting in the aj hackett bungy office waiting to go out to punch site yes um. I’m not doing it. I’m not crazy doc joni bungees today.

I’m should be reading these crazy people that are so excited about bungee. So excited look at that excitement welcome to the nervous bungee oh wow oh my god, this is ridiculous why do people do this.

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So, you can see the white sign on the bottom left hand corner that’s what, you guys gonna be jumping from kita that over from up there you’re gonna be standing up on the ledge just behind that White’s. I’m facing in that direction out that way there when you’re out there guys they’re gonna give, you a countdown 3 2 1 bungee on bungie with what, you guys are basically doing is pushing out with your feet throw your hands out to the side headfirst dive just like you’re diving into a swimming pool, you draw for about our six seconds free for if you watch this person out here to the lift. So, it’s like a free pool of about six seconds not a couple of seconds in the stretch of the road Becca hi Dave soccer is good, it’s real October, this is gonna be awesome.

I want to talk about it don’t what Wow how was it awesome. So really important things, you need to know beliefs out is the amazing food. And nightlife here.

So tonight we’re going to be going on a roll. And we’re coming off. And pizza displaceable whinnies with no roof there’s no real we are all made of ice why negative nine point six that is what we’re going to like.

I’m back home back home canada western people arguing, it’s really tough. I started the trip Oh Oh. ?

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