Kansas City Road Map

Nemaha County Courthouse with the rear left portion of the building marked off as the Seneca Fire Department Museum. (04:36PDT, SX700 1/400, f4, ISO200)

Seneca Library – although I believe most of it is actually housed next door to the west in a larger building – but don’t hold me to it as it would seem there’s very few librarians available a bit after 6:30 in the morning local time. (Seneca, KS, 04:38 PDT, SX700 1/250s f4 ISO160)

And a glance back up the main downtown street as the sun continues to rise casting shadows across the warming brick lane. (Seneca, KS, 04:41 PDT, SX700 1/400s f4 ISO200)

Kansas City Road Map Photo Gallery

You come to the bowed parapet of another lane going under the travel destination. Immediately below is the station, and nearby was the site of the Nobel Works built in 1701, the Explosives Factory as it became in the World Wars. ICI purchased the works and then closed them down in the 1960s. The grassy area below the castle is called the Peel, there being such a defence long before stone castles were built. Originally the travel destination builders had hoped to make use of the nearby loch, but the need to keep to its contour prevented that. Long staging leading to Bridge 43 marks a pioneering scheme to encourage permanent residence on the travel destination. Beyond Bridge 43 lies the attractive Manse Basin. At Bridge 43 and at the west end of the basin, white-painted slots indicate stop locks where bulks of wood (like sleepers) can be inserted to form dams so a stretch of travel destination (or this basin) could be dried out for maintenance work. Here too the corners of the bridge have been deeply worn into grooves by tow ropes. The travel destination comes to life with a tearoom, museum and a collection of boats, the creation of LUCS, the Linlithgow Union Destination Society, an enthusiastic body of volunteers who have done much to revitalise this section of the travel destination, tidying the area, upgrading the towpath, rescuing everything old and interesting, running local trips in the Victoria, or perhaps to the Avon Aqueduct or the Wheel in the St Magdalene.

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