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Of the coal today Oh monsoon season cuts the monsoon season name is tummy that means fat stomach in North American English in case, you know that’s my nickname my real name is William. I lived in Thailand for seven years. And been studying Thai cooking that during that time.

I’ve gone all around the country especially on a motorcycle trip and, you see on this map we are here at copán hon there’s Bangkok Chiang Mai and. So on and. I went on a jolly walkabout if you’re from Australia just to see what Thai food was like in all the different areas – took about a year.

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And then. I spent a year writing a book about it which. I continually revise and.

So the recipes that. I learned from these different areas from the the senior Chefs of aunties. And uncles.

And grandmas. And grandpas who teach Thai or make Thai food. I would do what.

I call kitchen invasions so. I would go. And say hi now the fat guy likes to cook would, you teach me.

And they’re always extremely generous about sharing their recipes know, you know secrets or anything like that good rings now helping. So at the end of this process when all the chickens took remember you’re all going to taste this, it’s a new what’s missing, you won’t taste salty enough feels. So, you can add a little bit of fish sauce adding a little bit of good thing good evening guys do, you like my very very fluorescent getup tonight.

I know you’re pretty impressed there actually is a reason for why. I’m dressed like this. So tonight is a full moon.

And if you don’t know there’s this thing called full moon parties that happen here in Thailand specifically copening which is where we just. So happen to be right now. So a couple rules.

And things, you need to know both on parties is one they are huge ridiculous. I don’t even know how good, but, you just is. I don’t really know what to expect but.

I’ve told there’s gonna be up to like 25,000 people there. And – yeah you’re supposed to dress like really really fluorescent. And three don’t swim in the water because gonna be really gross exactly 25,000 people there, you guys have done this before.

I think we got. So, you know according to this it is the latter yeah. And then once, you to use a little burn for a while, but be careful, this is rice paper.

So the catches on fire very quickly. And when you’re ready you’re going to hold it. And then make sure this apron correctly at the bottom here.

And he’s just gonna give it a quick little turn. And that’s it. And then, you can hold it.

And you’ll feel once ready to go once it fills up with air. And will be ready to go give it some time and, you just feel just nearly ready to take off. So get lighting guys you.

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