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If a problem is not immediately resolved, start making a written record of what happens. Make a note of relevant times, dates and places. Take photographs if at all possible. Take videotape footage if somebody in the group has a camera. Lodge the complaint as soon as possible with local representatives, or if necessary fax to your travel agent in the UK (the hotel probably has a fax). Write down what the travel company representative or other officials say and do. Make it clear that if the problem is not resolved by a reasonable deadline (under eight hours on a one-week holiday and under 24 hours on a two-week holiday) you will press for significant compensation. Make it clear that you are willing to go through the courts and to publicise the case if necessary.

• If there is a problem that affects other travellers too, take their names and addresses. Explain to them that you will get a better response if you act together. Offer to take names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers so that you can co-ordinate action against the travel company when you get home. The more people who join you, the stronger your case will be.

Don’t be afraid to seek publicity. Local and national papers will quite like a story about ruined holidays, crying children who didn’t get to see Santa, and elderly or infirm travellers left out in the cold, etc. Make the most of what you have but stick with the truth when you use the media.

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• Don’t accept vouchers or discounts on future holidays as compensation for a ruined holiday. The company ruined one holiday, do you really want to give them a second chance? I always hold out for money, and aim to get a fair proportion of the cost of the holiday as compensation.

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Protection – ATOL and ABTA

Two national schemes guarantee your holiday should travel agents or airlines that are members of the scheme cease trading. They are described below. If you blog with companies who are members of these schemes your investment in your holiday is protected.

ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing scheme) is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and protects flights and air holidays that are sold in the UK through members.

The scheme protects you, stopping you from losing money or being stranded abroad if a tour operator ceases trading. To join the scheme, companies have to deposit a specified sum of money that will cover outstanding holidays and flights if they do stop trading.

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