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Lagos may be a historic and spirited town that’s placed on the gorgeous western Algarve lineation. As a vacation destination urban center offers guests superb beaches, abuzz nightlife and an enthralling historic centre, that has preserved its character and charm. inside the urban center region is Associate in Nursing abundance of assorted sights and activities, that makes town an incredible destination for tourists World Health Organization wish over simply nice beaches for his or her vacation.

In The Encyclopedia of North Country Indians, edited by Frederick E. Hoxie. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1996. St. Augustine In 1565, Men©ndez de Avil©s founded St. Augustine, one of two precariously established Spanish footholds in what would later become the United States. Initially, a small, insignificant outpost along Florida’s Atlantic coast, St. Augustine remains the oldest European urban center in the present-day United States.

Basically a fortified military post with little economic importance, St. Augustine served Spain as one of the last naval bases and defensive positions for the galleons of the Spanish treasure fleet as they made their yearly trip to Spain. Since even in a bad year, the treasure fleets carried considerable cargoes of gold and silver, they persistently attracted official and unofficial raids from pirates and privateers of English, Dutch, and French origin. But the treasure fleet was not the only target. St. Augustine was besieged on numerous occasions throughout its history (once even drawing the attention of Francis Drake); it was last occupied by foreign invaders in 1702.

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