Lower Oxbrook Lake

Key Species: white perch, landlocked salmon, brook trout possible

Best Way to Fish: canoe

Best Time to Fish: June through September

MAG: 35, A-3

Description: Lower Oxbrook Lake is a small wilderness lake, offering complete solitude for those seeking a quiet outdoor experience. Except for a few seasonal cottages along the southeast end of the lake, the area is uninhabited. You will see no water skiers or jet ski watercraft here, since motorboats are prohibited. You will see loons, perhaps a deer or moose, and maybe even a black bear.

Lower Oxbrook is one of a set of twin lakes, attached by a thoroughfare (a waterway, without flowage, that connects two bodies of water). At only 365 acres, Lower Oxbrook Lake is really a pond. You will need a canoe to fish here, since the shoreline is studded with huge boulders, making bank fishing a hard task. Few anglers fish here in summer, so you can count on little competition. Lodging can be found in the village of Grand Lake Stream; there is also a primitive campsite at Upper Oxbrook Lake, the twin of Lower Oxbrook.

Fishing index: The remnant population of brook trout and the stocked landlocked salmon are not the main attraction here. Lower Oxbrook Lake offers some of the finest white perch fishing in Maine. Individuals often reach 2 pounds and occasional specimens weigh much more, a white perch angler’s dream.

The lake’s maximum depth is only 30 feet, with the deepest water in the center of the lake. Paddle your canoe into the wind and drift across the middle. You can catch white perch here on small spoons or lead-head jigs, but the largest fish will be taken on bait, either worms or minnows. If you decide to catch your own bait fish here, remember that smelt cannot be taken except by hook and line.

You can also take landlocked salmon by paddling against the wind (you can pretty much depend on afternoon breezes here) and using the wind for extra speed while you troll back.

Directions: From the village of Grand Lake Stream, take the main road north toward Princeton. Drive 5 miles to a gravel road on the left, known locally as the Amazon Mountain Road. Follow the Amazon Mountain Road for 8.75 miles and look for a small lake on the right, slightly downhill from the road. Pull well off the road and carry your canoe to the lake. To reach the primitive campsite on the north shore of Upper Oxbrook Lake, take the thoroughfare, which enters Lower Oxbrook Lake at the midpoint of its northern shore.

For more information: Call the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife in Machias.

Lower Oxbrook Lake Photo Gallery

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