Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions

Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions

The Massachusetts House of Representatives meets secretly to call a Continental Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions Congress. Shortly thereafter, Governor Gage Hutchinson has moved to England dissolves the body, further inflaming Lubbock Map Tourist Attractions popular opinion against British rule. Gage also bans town meetings. The Continental Congress meets and adjourns, resolving to oppose British policies as a group of colonies.

Daniel Leonard, writing as Massachusettensis, advocates a loyalist course of action, arguing that Parliament is the supreme authority in the British Empire. Interestingly, Leonard also prophesies that a future King George might rule his empire from a prosperous, secure British Country. John Adams, responding as Novanglus, advocates total independence from Great Britain. Most Massachusetts colonists are in between these two camps, though patriots outnumber loyalists.

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